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Digital Product Discovery

Base your product decisions on facts, not hypotheses. Define and evolve the idea for your investment to ensure it answers users and business needs.


Linking customers, business and technology

Digital Product Discovery services are a hybrid of design, UX, technology and business analysis.

This approach enables you to look at the product’s idea from various perspectives and correctly evaluate it.

Initial & Continuous Product Discovery

Digital Product Discovery can be only the initial step of the product’s development or a continuous process that brings value on all the stages of your work.

In both cases, the knowledge and insights you get help ensure consistency and increase quality of your software solution.

initial and continuous discovery process

Here's how we can help

User Experience Discovery

Create your product with the customer-centred approach. Engage UX and Product Designers and provide your customers with better digital experience and bring value for your company.

User & Business Research

Conduct market and user research to gather recommendations on your functionalities. Ensure your product will be used by customers and not duplicate already existing solutions with their weaknesses.

Product Analytics

Benefit from a complete service that helps make data-driven decisions. We’ll walk with you through the whole process of product analytics from building a strategy through data gathering and visualisation to implementation.

What will you get?

  • Validation of your business and technical assumptions with users and market to increase the probability of product market fit

  • Expert insights which allow for conscious prioritisation, less changes during development and cost optimisation

  • Mitigate risks and get more accurate input for your future ROI prognosis thanks to the evaluation of KPIs on every stage of development

  • Information on market and users that ensure structured, more flexible, and knowledge-based decision-making process

  • Recommendations and product roadmap prepared by experienced specialists with no need for internal recruitment

“All actions related were conducted in a timely and upright manner characterized by appropriate quality and acuteness.

The company possesses professional resources in terms of highly qualified specialists in the fields of business process analysis and user needs research.”

Thomas Felber Chief Technology Officer, Smart Valor AG

We make sure the Digital Product Discovery process is tailored to your needs and business context. It is why we pay attention to perfectly adjust scope, tools and activities to your project.

From strategy to delivery

Empower your teams with knowledge on your measurable goals and increase their effectiveness.

We are a technology partner with over 20 years of experience in providing top-notch software solutions that draw from possibilities given by Data Science & Engineering, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Cloud Solutions and more.

We can walk together through the whole product development process and provide you with technology that gives competitive advantage.


"Since there are many solutions which address the same problem, we assure that we have in-depth understanding of goals and outcomes. Product Discovery is a de-risker due to which we not only build things right but most importantly, we build the right things.” 

Daniel Jaros Lead User Experience Designer, Future Processing

Methods we use

When it comes to its scope and length Digital Product Discovery service is uniquely adjusted to each project. Chosen aspects we focus on in different iterative Discovery Process Stages.
Discover Define Develop
Product Analytics Benchmarking Solution Shaping Solution Prototyping Expert Audits
Consulting Quant & Qual Workshops Technical Design Usability Testing
Building Success Metrics Interviews Concept Building Interface Design Usability Audits
Market Research Surveys

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Look at your idea from different perspectives to create the right product and to create it right.
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