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Low-code / no-code consulting and development

Discover new business opportunities, automate, and quickly streamline your processes by means of low-code / no-code solutions.


Why introduce low-code / no-code?

Low-code / no-code platforms allow you to customise, automate, and significantly accelerate the delivery of your business applications.

Thanks to them, you can react quickly to changing market conditions by developing your digital solutions in a fast and flexible way, which helps to unlock new opportunities and stay ahead of the competition.

One of their greatest assets is that you can quickly develop and deploy custom applications thanks to the pre-built modules backed up with built-in monitoring, security or even AI solutions. They allow you to optimise internal processes and build complex production applications alike while being cost-effective and flexible.

According to the latest forecast from Gartner, the LCNC market will increase its value by 20% to reach 26,9 billion USD in 2023, and the adoption of low-code / no-code solutions will only accelerate further, answering the growing needs for fast delivery and high flexibility.

We deliver more with less time, resources, or risks.

Low-code / no-code solutions mean:

  • – Rapid application development
  • – Automation
  • – Low-code / no-code data solutions
  • – Digital transformation
  • – Centres of excellence

Current business challenges

Low-code / no-code is an answer to many common pain points that you may identify in the process of undergoing digital transformation:
Limited time and budget Complex and heavy processes Complex legacy systems
Manual, repetitive data processing and reporting tasks Data spread in multiple systems and not used properly Technical debt
Overloaded internal IT teams Multiple business units with specific needs Lack of experts

10 top benefits of low-code solutions

  • Rapid application development – up to 90% faster than with traditional development

  • Cost-effective and flexible solutions

  • Automation of time-consuming processes

  • Lower development risks with pre-built components, fewer bugs

  • Lower operational risks with maintenance, performance and security ensured by the Platform

  • Direct business value: focusing on business, not on processes

  • High flexibility in implementing changes and further development after deployment

  • Available for business users

  • Hosting flexibility

  • Suitable for small- and large-scale needs


What will you get?

Future Processing will help you choose the right strategy for your business: low-code, bespoke / standard development, or a fusion solution.

We will provide you with technical consultancy and guide you through the whole process, recommending the best architecture and design within your specific adoption strategy. We will develop and implement your new solution while integrating it with internal or external systems and sources. We can also provide continuous support and education for your non-IT employees.

If you already use a low-code platform, we will assess your existing solution and give you recommendations regarding potential improvements.

low-code no-code services portfolio

„Our clients seek effective and scalable digital transformation, but they face challenges of a rapidly changing market environment and increasing costs. Having the know-how of standard development and low-code solutions allows us to truly help them take advantage of low-code / no-code when it’s possible and invest in bespoke solutions when it’s indispensable.”

Krzysztof Nykiel Head of Data Solutions

Our success stories

App with interface instead of Excel

Data migration from one, complex Excel file to a new, functional low-code database with clear user interface


Result: We worked on an app allowing to see, filter, sort, and use data easily and switch between record types quickly. The logic of the app guides users while providing explanations and proposing autofill options, which makes working with data much easier and transparent. Thanks to permissions groups, audit tracking and automatic backup data is not accidentally modified or deleted.

Data from multiple sources in one place

A model-driven Power Platform application for the management of over 50 000 records from different data sources


Result: We worked on an app allowing business users to have all data from different data sources in one place, highly accessible and ready to use. The objective was to eliminate manual data gathering so that the processing time would go down from over 15 minutes to under 20 seconds, which will allow our client to significantly speed up their decision-making processes and further optimise their work.

Partnership with Neptune Software

We are a Partner of Neptune Software, delivering the best value to our clients with agile low-code solutions.

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