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Blockchain Solution Delivery

Discover and verify the possibilities blockchain could provide with help from our blockchain experts.

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Blockchain services

As a company we started exploring blockchain in 2017, but our engineers were there even earlier. Since then, we have significantly grown our expertise in this exciting technology. Here’s what we offer:

Analysis of business case

Our cross-functional team of business analysts, software engineers, solution architects and block chain developers will investigate your business case to see what would work best for you. Based on gathered information and functional and non-functional requirements, we will best tailor your solution to suit you and web3.

Blockchain development

From creating a new token (ERC-20 and NFT) to fully blown decentralised enterprise systems – we can develop a blockchain network from scratch, manage nodes, deliver necessary frontend and backend, integrate a blockchain-based feature with other systems or create decentralised apps. Together with blockchain consultancy, our blockchain development service means we cater to all your blockchain needs.

Blockchain research

Commission in-depth research into your potential blockchain solution and get a side-by-side comparison of options, taking into account your organisation’s needs and requirements, for example decentralisation, throughput in TPS, maintainability, security, scalability, developer friendliness, availability of documentation and active development of protocols.

PoC & Smart Contracts development

By prototyping the solution, you’ll be able to confirm (or negate) your assumptions and verify whether it can work in the proposed way of implementation, be successful and solve your problem. We can also take care of your custom smart contracts and make use of development best practices and battle-tested standards so that they work in your favour.

Advisory in tech, architecture, protocols and 3rd party services

Get our blockchain consultant to select the best tools and protocols on which to run your solution based on security, cost, performance, scalability and other important factors. We can also lay out the tokenomy to design the system in a way that entices users to make your project a success.

"We found Future Processing to be a blockchain expert.

They are a true partner in discussions about customer needs in a rapidly changing environment, where sustainability plays an increasingly important role. By combining IoT with blockchain, we aim at providing our clients and their customers with valuable and trusted information on the lifetime of heavy-weight machinery in the off-highway industry."

Dr. Rafal Sornek Senior Vice Presdent, Fortaco Technology

Why introduce Blockchain?

Blockchain can solve multiple problems in projects where, e.g. there is a necessity for immutable and irreversible data storage that needs to be tracked reliably. To understand its potential better, contact us, and we can show you how by applying blockchain, you can:

  • Increase transparency, trust and traceability of information shared across your network

  • Increase decentralisation of data and security thanks to the use of Bitcoin and Ethereum networks, or a private consortium one

  • Get ahead of competition, explore new promising market and new revenue streams

  • Increase efficiency and speed of business processes with Smart Contracts automation

  • Reduce human intervention, cost and reliance on third parties


“Blockchain has been gaining traction over the last few years and is no longer just a buzzword. We see it every day translating into real projects and making the difference as more and more companies realise that their long-term planning should consider blockchain and web3. The world is definitely moving from a blockchain excitement phase to a focus on it solving actual business problems.”

Marek Wowkostryl Blockchain Service Line Manager, Future Processing


Some of the technologies we use:

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