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Get accurate information, make proper business decisions and fully benefit from your solutions.

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Types of audits

Technical Audit

Ensure your system is developed with respect to industry standards and protect the future of your business’ most valuable assets. Identify weak spots and decrease failure rates.

Usability & Accessibility Audit

Get a report with priorities and recommendations for web-designers, editors or developers. Increase your solution engagement, client’s experience and the conversion rate.

Security Audit

Assess the maturity of your Secure Development Lifecycle process, improve your software and protect sensitive business information.

Digital Maturity Audit

Prepare for digital transformation, business sale or a takeover or implement changes in your organisation. Ensure you make well informed and cost-effective decisions.

Cloud Adoption Audit

Evaluate the option to hypercharge your business with the extra scalability, mobility and accessibility by moving to the cloud. Make sure the cloud supports your strategy, accelerates your business and ensures data security.

Product & Process Audit

Get rid of sunken costs and ineffective practices. Remove process waste to optimize resource allocation in your organization.

More than an audit

With over 20 years of experience in creating technology solutions that benefit from the newest technologies we can ensure that your audit is run by experts.

A team of seasoned professionals will be engaged in the software auditing process from day one along with our well-established network of partners. You’re getting a perfect blend of practical engineering knowledge with high business acumen that guarantees you will receive the highest quality of recommendations.

We are a tech company with a vast knowledge of technologies and business, both in terms of improving existing solutions and engaging cutting-edge opportunities in creating them from scratch.


Audit process

  • Workshops

    Analysis of needs, priorities and business decisions in your organisation

  • Audit

    Audit of your solution ran by a tailored team of business and technology specialists

  • Report

    Report with stated risks and recommendations

  • Handover

    Discussion of the report’s findings and the roadmap for implementing recommendations

What will you get?

  • A complex audit of your software solution with its scope and methodologies tailored to the needs of your organisation

  • Information on the current state of the project with initial estimations of time, scope and cost of improvements

  • Easier planning of development and higher predictability thanks to knowledge of potential risks, challenges and preventive actions

  • Handover with the report’s authors with a possibility to discuss the outcomes and analyse them together

The report you receive is presented in a clear way that underlines business perspective and refers to the needs of C-level executives in your company.


“Getting the right amount of information, correctly presented and prioritized enables our clients to make well informed decisions. A well-executed audit is a perfect tool to give them an edge over their competition or drive a critical decision over the finish line.”

Mike Zamarski Senior Business Analysis Consultant, Future Processing

"We will use our experience and knowledge to objectively evaluate your product. This perspective and our recommendations will help you make informed decisions.”

Aneta Harnasz Lead User Experience Designer, Future Processing

Engage an experienced tech partner who will audit your solution and recommend improvements that would benefit your business the most.

Accessibility Products

Adjust your application to users’ needs including the ones with sight disabilities. Make sure that your product is accessible for everyone. Bet on inclusiveness and remove boundaries.

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