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IT Project Transition Services

Evaluate your readiness to undergo a successful IT project transition. Leverage our comprehensive service and transfer your IT solution to another supplier smoothly and effectively.


Our IT Project Transition Services include two steps crucial for your IT solution’s successful transfer to another supplier: Readiness Evaluation and the IT Project Transition itself. Our experts will guide you through the whole process while ensuring its safety and providing relevant recommendations so that you can approach the transfer with confidence.

IT Project Transition Readiness Evaluation

As a first step, we offer an organisational readiness assessment.

It is a measurement of your business’s preparedness to undergo your project’s transition with an analysis of your current business context, goals, and your IT solutions assets.

Here’s how we can help

  • Allow you to discover your organisational readiness and current possibilities of migrating to another party

  • Support your decision-making process regarding a potential transition of your solution

  • Mitigate potential risks which may occur during the transfer between parties

Thanks to our expertise and experience, we have developed a proven framework and a transition-related risk log that will help you save time and money.


What will you get?

  • A thorough analysis of your organisation’s business context, needs, as well as present and future goals done by experienced specialists
  • A detailed report regarding the current state of your solution considered from every angle, prepared by our IT experts in different fields
  • A list of your solution’s assets to leverage
  • A log of potential risks which may be experienced during the transition and instructions on how to mitigate them

IT Project Transition Service

Transfer your IT solution to another supplier smoothly and effectively.

We will support you in the process of changing the supplier to Future Processing or to another party, or relieving your internal IT team responsible for your IT product delivery in a smooth, transparent, and reliable way.

Optimise your IT project processes and enhance the existing solution thanks to the improvements made immediately after the transition. We will provide you with support and advise regarding any formal or legal issues to address with your previous supplier, based on our experience and best knowledge.

Future Processing

What will you get?

  • A thorough analysis and possible transition scenarios considerations, with our recommendation on the best approach
  • A full transition plan based on our dedicated, proven framework and strictly tailored to your individual needs
  • A transparent roadmap with specific milestones to evaluate the results and make an informed decision regarding further steps and adjustments
  • An end-to-end IT project transition execution, conducted and led by our experts in close collaboration with you and your current provider (if possible)
  • A Transition Coordinator – a manager who ensures that everything goes according to plan, has a holistic view on the process, and has space and empowerment to react quickly
  • If needed, essential solution improvements delivered right after the core transition, enabling us to further deliver the business value

IT Project Transition Framework

IT project transition framework

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