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Completing the project takeover which saved 12-18 months’ worth of work

Executive Summary

Challenge: The company needed to leverage their data and technology and increase operational efficiency with help of a technology partner.

Approach: We took over a project from the previous partner, developed the necessary documentation, reconfigured the software, and implemented it in new stores.

Result: Project takeover saved 12-18 months’ worth of work. Within three months, we completed the project takeover and achieved the main objective of successfully deploying the software. 

Table of Contents

About the client

Our client is one of the largest cash and carry operators.

The company was founded over 30 years ago, and it has always been operating with their customers in mind, taking good care of the quality and availability of services. Their product range is broad and covers grocery, pet food, toiletries, household products, and more.

IT project transition and innovation

Our client, as a customer-focused business in a niche segment, strives for excellence in their sector by embracing cutting-edge technologies. They sought a partner with a strong commitment to delivering the best quality and enhancing customer satisfaction to leverage their data and technology and increase operational efficiency.

After evaluating several potential partners, the company ultimately selected Future Processing to take over the project and drive its further development and implementation.

From the outset, they recognised our professionalism and maturity as a company with exceptional resources across various domains. In contrast to their previous partner, our team consistently ensured the timely delivery of work while meeting all established requirements.

We are honored to be chosen as their trusted partner and are fully dedicated to delivering superior solutions that support our client’s growth and provide an exceptional customer experience.

What attracted us to Future Processing was their professionalism. From the moment we met, we could sense the high level of professionalism and the presence of a dedicated team with ample resources.

The fact that they have a campus and office, along with a diverse pool of talent, gave us confidence that we could rely on their availability. Whether we needed an iOS developer or an Android developer, we knew that someone skilled would be available. The flexibility to engage with their team as needed was also a crucial factor for us. Ultimately, it was the professionalism and maturity of Future Processing that made them the ideal choice for us.

Our client

Scope of work

Our role involved taking over a project that included software for the payment system and the application for customers.

We undertook the challenge of developing the necessary documentation, reconfiguring the software, implementing it in new stores, and driving further development.

Despite the absence of any previous records, we quickly grasped all the project details, provided comprehensive descriptions, and seamlessly integrated the software into existing systems.

The payment system and
the customer app

The most important task was to take over a project involving software for the payment system that was created with a previous partner, and further develop it.

Despite minimal support from the previous partner, our expertise enabled us to understand the project requirements, document the existing work, and effectively continue its development and manage technical debt, which was crucial for our client.

Our takeover saved 12-18 months’ worth of work that could be leveraged moving forward. Within three months, we completed the project takeover and achieved the main objective of successfully deploying the software in a new store. This milestone, essential for our client, marked a significant accomplishment in the project’s timeline.

Simultaneously, we focused on the further development of the app for customers, enhancing its overall attractiveness to drive increased downloads and usage. Our UX team conducted a thorough audit, identified areas for improvement, and delivered conceptual work that met the client’s requirements.

Our expertise

Our highly skilled interdisciplinary team played a crucial role in the project transition and the ongoing progress.

Thanks to our specialists’ expertise, we could achieve the following:

  • gain a comprehensive understanding of the client’s needs and adjust actions to their most urgent business challenges,
  • ensure that the project remained on the right track, aligning the client’s business requirements with user expectations,
  • develop a robust and reliable codebase for the project,
  • seamlessly continue the development of the mobile application,
  • guarantee the feasibility and effectiveness of the client’s solution by taking a holistic approach to system architecture, technologies, integrations, and infrastructure,
  • maintain adherence to the Scrum framework and foster alignment among team members,
  • continuously improve the quality assurance processes,
  • facilitate continuous testing and smooth production releases, resulting in significant software improvements and the overall success of the project,
  • provide valuable insights and innovative ideas to enhance the client’s application.

Throughout the process, we maintained close collaboration with the client’s IT team, network infrastructure professionals, and security specialists. This collective effort ensured the successful takeover and implementation of the project, while upholding stringent security measures and meeting the company’s specific requirements.

Main benefits of our partnership

  • An efficient project takeover and significant time and cost savings, despite the limited support from the previous supplier
  • Consultancy and expertise allowing for identifying and tackling various challenges together as partners
  • Providing the client with comprehensive documentation, and seamlessly integrating the software into existing systems
  • Convenience of accessing a diverse range of specialists in one centralised location
  • Regular feedback and catch-up meetings allowing for knowledge and insight sharing
  • Simplifying the onboarding process for new specialists
  • Gaining a trustworthy partner committed to following best practices and ensuring the highest standards of the project execution
  • High-quality and predictable delivery based on Best Practices in Software Development and aligned with the client’s needs and goals

Technologies used in the project