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Opening new revenue streams for PEI thanks to web platform development and CRM migration

Executive Summary

Challenge: Finding a partner who would support their mission of the continuous delivery of premium products and services to stakeholders, strengthening PEI’s image of the world’s leading alternative asset information group.

Approach: With hands-on approach and effective resource management, we’ve been able to collaborate on a number of projects, and support PEI’s demands, even in the fastest ‘ideas to green-lit digital projects’.

Result: The digital solutions we’ve developed opened new revenue streams for PEI. The organisation is now able to reach new audience and upsell innovative services to their current customers. 

Table of Contents

About the client

PEI’s objective is to be the world’s leading alternative asset information group.

PEI Media is the only global B2B information and Networking Events group focused on the alternative and typically illiquid asset classes that have become essential components of many investors’ allocation strategies globally.

Formed in London in 2001, PEI specialise in covering the private equity, venture capital, private debt, real estate, infrastructure, agriculture, and financial compliance industries globally and are increasingly active in other, emerging alternative investment fields and practices.

By remaining focused on these specific type of asset classes and ensuring that PEI continue to deliver premium products and services to the institutional groups who engage with them – investors and fund managers in particular.

All under one roof

PEI set out to transition from a number of smaller on-shore agencies to one nearshore development team to support their objective of ensuring to continually deliver premium products and services to their stakeholders and their goal of remaining the world’s leading alternative asset information group. With various services across a range of technologies, Future Processing turned out to be a good fit for PEI.

PEI no longer need to look elsewhere if they require extra team members, or additional services, such as expertise in data migration, application performance, security, UX or other areas.

No. 1

global leading alternative asset information group


digital financial information & data publications

Scope of work

PEI has a global portfolio of 13 digital financial information publications that deliver critical market intelligence. The publications are present online through web platforms offering various subscription levels to its readers.

Future Processing are currently working on all these platforms.

This opportunity was one of PEI’s fastest ‘ideas to green lit project’ processes and required a quick scale up of our software development resources to meet this new business opportunity, while still trying to maintain the pace on other priorities.

Future Processing worked diligently and effectively to respond to our resource demands and maintained excellent communications in the process, helping us to manage an effective interviewing and onboarding process and in turn the ability to provide accurate delivery plans and timings.

This contributed massively to the go-live of our New Markets Product, within the expected time frame and budget. This, despite the short notice we provided them and in the face of a general rise in demand for all resources the marketplace.

Aris Espiritu
Project Manager, PEI Media

New Private Markets

PEI Media screen

A recent web platform project we worked on was the development of a customer-facing website for the New Private Markets, a brand new PEI publication.

The publication is focused on Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG), sustainable and impact investing and it has answered increasing demand for a dedicated resource on this topic from PEI’s customers.

As well as development and tech support of this and other publishing platforms, we are also working together on:

  • redesigning PEI’s Research & Analytics data app from a legacy to a new system with the delivery of  a new front and back-end,
  • a large CRM upgrade project involving application and SSIS data migration,
  • data warehouse support and development.

Main benefits of our partnership

  • A scalable development team dedicated to PEI projects
  • Addressing the needs of the market – upselling to current PEI customers and reaching a new audience
  • Access to resources going beyond software development
  • Opening new revenue stream for PEI through the re-use and further extension of the existing web platform technology

Our collaboration with PEI Media is very effective. We work closely with the Head of Technology, PMs, BAs, and Product Managers on the client’s side, which keeps business requirements and goals clear for us and the client has a full understanding of the technical dependencies.

While working on this project, a lot happened and our team grew – from 9 in Feb 2021 to 25 team members in Aug 2021 – as we were preparing for other projects with PEI.

Thanks to great teamwork, it was possible to complete the New Private Markets project efficiently, delivering it before the agreed deadline.

PEI Media Olga Otorowska
Olga Otorowska
Team Leader, Future Processing

Technologies used in the project