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Leveraging the potential of the application by increasing its capacity, making it more user-friendly and accelerating its performance by nearly 90%.

Executive Summary

Challenge: The client reached out to us with the need to enhance the capabilities of their flagship application CultureScope to make it work faster, be more efficient and user-friendly.

Approach: Our team has primarily advised the client on cost savings, operational efficiency and team’s methodology. Performance tests facilitated the transition from AngularJS to REACT.

Result: We delivered new, advanced modules and features, which led to the release of the upgraded CultureScope v7 that can support up to 1,000,000 users simultaneously and offers a performance boost of 90% compared to its predecessors

Table of Contents

About the client

iPsychTec provides a wide range of services to meet the needs of boards, management teams and human resources.

The company is a leading Culture & Talent diagnostics specialist. One of its products is CultureScope, the first advanced behavioural analytics engine that measures organisational culture providing organisations with the what, how and why of their cultures.

The company’s mission is combining the best elements of scientific and applied research to develop and deploy behavioural diagnostics and predictive anaytics tools to help their clients drive desired organisational culture and achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

Scope of work

 We kicked off our partnership in 2015. This is when we began working on the company’s flagship application Culture Scope, the first advanced behavioural analytics engine that measures organisational culture.

Since 2022, our teams have developed 3 different iterations  of the system, providing upgrades, improvements and new features to the application.

What we did together

The client’s biggest pain point was the performance of the system. With a focused and efficient approach of our team, we resolved the existing issues and significantly enhanced the system’s performance within a mere two weeks.

Our prompt and effective resolution earned the client’s complete trust, leading to an extension of our collaboration and the entrustment of developing new functionalities. This expansion of the project scope was not only a testament to the high quality of our services but also paved the way for further, deeper involvement in our client’s technological development.

In 2023, we completed work on several additional features. This enabled the release of versions Culture Scope v6 (in January) and Culture Scope v7 (in October). The introduced features have added to the existing analytical capabilities of the system.


We have created a management panel in the system for our client, allowing them to modify behaviour clusters in real time.

In the new version, processing time is only 3 seconds.

The capacity of the system can support up to 1,000,000 users simultaneously.


InApp Cluster Configuration - previously, this function wa operated using Excel files, which was time-consuming and any change required uploading a new file. 

In the older version, it took 30 minutes for Predictive Analytical Tool to provide results.

Previously, the capacity of the system was not really known.  

Digital transformation

In close collaboration with iPsychTec’s internal team, we have enhanced the platform’s architecture, significantly increasing its capacity to handle up to one million queries simultaneously.

Following this, we took the transformative step of shifting from Angular.js to REACT in the presentation layer. This not only helped align the client with current market trends, but also upgraded the technology stack to a more contemporary framework.

To further refine client’s operations, we introduced automation in software deployment to client’s production environment, replacing the previous manual process that was prone to human error. This strategic move drastically cut down the delivery time from 4 hours to 30 minutes, marking a substantial improvement in efficiency.

Moreover, by accelerating the predictive analytical tool’s performance by a factor of one thousand, we have provided our client with a significant competitive advantage. This enhancement has led to faster processing times, from 30 minutes to 3 seconds, resulting in enhanced performance, reduced costs, and a more agile and synchronised team.

AWS costs reduction

The client saves over 50% of their previous AWS Cloud monthly costs. Our Support experts proactively up with a solution and a saving plan to significantly reduce our client’s monthly costs.  

New modules

  • Behaviour Focus

It enhances the study of the dynamics of changes in a particular set of behaviours or characteristics, offering a standard selection of 15 types of behaviours for analysis.

  • RoadMap

A new dimension in behavioural analysis that employs comparative methods on a set of individuals with diverse characteristics, ultimately pinpointing the common traits within a specific group.

  • Discovery Insights

Behavioural study that aims to indicate the most important characteristics that the studied group possesses. The characteristics are determined by the system operator.

  • ODNA/PDNA Generation

Two dimensions of characteristics: the behavioural aspect of a person from the point of view of the organization (ODNA) and a given person (PDNA). These dimensions are evaluated by an algorithm and collided on a chart – the average of 15 different features displayed on the chart.

  • Talent Scope

Talent Scope is a platform that offers behavioural analysis for recruitment process purposes. Our role was to implement critical changes to the calculating algorithm and redesign the reports. The previous version of this application was not as accessible as Culture Scope.

  • In-app cluster configuration

Previously, this function was operated using Excel files, which was time-consuming and any change required uploading a new Excel file. We have created a management panel in the system for our client, allowing them to modify behaviour clusters in real time.

Consultancy partner

Although the client initially approached us with a specifically defined problem, our dedicated experts successfully addressed the immediate concerns and expanded the system’s capabilities by adding new functionalities.

Furthermore, we provided consultancy on matters related to cloud solutions and user experience (UX) improvements, demonstrating our commitment to delivering comprehensive service beyond the initial scope of work.

The acceptance (UAT) and performance tests we proposed allowed the client to optimize processes and verify the system’s efficiency.

Successful IT partnership

In this project, we engaged with a client who had high expectations and emphasized the importance of a committed team.

The true reason for the project’s success was the openness and close collaboration – team members supported, motivated and also exchanged constructive criticism, looking for ways to improve working together. The client was very satisfied with the outcomes of our collaboration, which was reflected in a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 10/10.

Great teamwork and excellent knowledge.

We had some very interesting and demanding challenges, but the team did an awesome job! That included building a neural engine for behavioural actionable insights, the best part is that our our team and FP team felt as one team.

Hani Nabeel
Chief Behavioural Scientist

Main benefits of our partnership

  • savings of over 50% compared to client’s previous monthly expenses on AWS Cloud services
  • performance boost of 90% compared to the previous version of the application
  • increased capacity to handle up to one million queries simultaneously
  • shifting from Angular.js to REACT in the presentation layer
  • introduced automation in software deployment that led to the reduction in delivery time from 4 hours to 30 minutes
  • accelerating the predictive analytical tool’s performance by a factor of one thousand, from 30 minutes to 3 seconds

Looking into the future

iPsychTec is continuously evolving in the field of behavioural diagnostics and predictive analytics tools to help organisations drive culture change.

While working on solutions for our client, we ensured their full scalability and the potential for further optimisation in the future. This project demonstrates our flexibility and commitment to client needs, reinforcing the potential for ongoing partnership and future endeavours.

Technologies used in the project