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Supporting development of a tech solution predicted to double Elisity's revenue and client base in a year

Executive Summary

Challenge:  To accelerate Elisity’s business growth by enhancing development of their core solution that redefines security in a world transformed by cloud, mobility, and Internet of Things.

Approach: We’ve been streamlining the development of a product that brings immediate time-to-value through microsegmentation and direct security control at Elisity clients’ edge.

Result: As the solution is gaining significant recognition among security-conscious leaders and entrepreneurs, Elisity predicts to double both their revenue and client base in a year alone.

Table of Contents

About the client

Elisity makes security of assets and core operations effective and simple. They divide their clients’ networks into smaller segments, each with their own unique security policies and controls.

The service is provided without costly investments or disruptions in the existing architecture, using easily manageable identity-based microsegmentation and least-privilege access.

Elisity’s core application provides the same level of security for both modern and legacy systems in high-stakes industries, like pharmaceuticals, automotive, and healthcare.

The organisation facilitates management of both security policy around the segments and the underlying architecture alike.

Business challenge

Elisity is dedicated to giving their clients immediate time-to-value by seamlessly getting them up and running on their security platform, and quickly demonstrating them with a tangible results: robust security and control capabilities without the need for costly and time-consuming system overhaul.

As Elisity goes through different stages of their app development process, they have a clear vision not only of their digital product architecture, but also of the required amount of complex engineering work to successfully drive innovation in multiple industries and environments.

For this reason, the company looked for a like-minded partner who could enhance their software development capabilities, by tackling several key tasks in the software development process.

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James Winebrenner, the CEO of  Elisity explains how the organisation redefines security through microsegmentation.

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Supporting Elisity’s growth

To quickly provide identity-based microsegmentation, least privilege access, and complete policy coverage for all systems that are connected to their clients’ networks, Elisity teamed up with our software development experts.

Together we’ve been developing the digital product that is gaining recognition among thought leaders in high-stakes industries.

By making investments in their microsegmentation capabilities, Elisity’s clients are able to move faster as organisations, and their peers are starting to recognise the low-hanging fruit of digital transformation.

This trend drives additional adoptions of Elisity’s security solution, and the company predicts to more than double: not only in terms of their revenue, but also from a customer count perspective in 2024 alone.

Being able to partner with Future Processing allowed us to quickly tackle some specific work efforts for areas of the platform that were important for us from a scale perspective specifically.

James Winebrenner
CEO of Elisity

Looking to the future

With the number of security-conscious enterprises growing, Elisity is looking forward to making their solution applicable in even more use cases, making it easier for operators to adopt more and more granular policies for specific areas within complex manufacturing and clinical environments.

Backed by the right tech partner and leveraging the collective power of trusted clients and industry thought leaders, the company aims to make even smarter policy recommendations for individual businesses.

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