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Delivering software providing triathletes with the most optimal and adaptive training plan

Executive Summary

Challenge: TRIQ had an idea for an intelligent training app for triathletes and needed a technology consultancy and software development partner to bring their concept to life.

Approach: We concentrated on preparing numerous POCs and became a technical expert for TRIQ, forming a team that worked closely with their Data Scientists and Product Engineers.

Result: We developed the cloud software and the mobile app, focusing on an algorithm that adjusts to users’ needs. As a result, we successfully launched the TRIQ app on the App Store.

Table of Contents

About the client

TRIQ is a revolutionary, dynamic app for triathlon training plans.

It combines the latest knowledge of renowned coaching scientists with an intelligent algorithm that constantly adjusts the plan to fit the triathlete, whether they’re an elite athlete or a beginner. TRIQ saves time and adapts on its own to ensure each triathlete is fresh and motivated enough to keep training hard. TRIQ improves through machine learning over time, plans with athlete’s availability in mind and helps them balance their life, work and training.

Business challenge

Future Processing joined the TRIQ project as a technical expert following some initial attempts to develop the app.

After a successful kick off and a few tweaks to the team’s composition, we got our dream team and quicky became an equivalent of an internal ‘software development department’ for TRIQ, working hand-in-hand with their Data Scientists and Product Experts.


intelligent algorithm that adjusts to users


test coverage in TRIQ application

Together with the TRIQ team, we developed the software that provides triathletes with the most optimal and adaptive training plan they can possibly get. We delivered both the cloud software and the mobile app which went live on the Apple App Store in November 2021.

The best team ever that is always a step ahead – that’s what comes to mind when I think about you. You are professional, willing to go the extra mile and you aspire to high-quality.

Stephan Bachofen

We add value

By deciding to choose Future Processing, TRIQ have gained an experienced team able to deliver the backend, the frontend, and the algorithm training engine. The team also boasts two quality assurance specialists who ensure no bugs go through their sieve.

TRIQ is a relatively new product which is why, at the beginning, we concentrated very much on preparing numerous Proof of Concepts (POCs), for example to validate integration with specific smartwatches.

From a technical point of view, the applications have been successfully released, the system is stable, and we are currently working on new functionalities and technical improvements.

We are a very close-knit team that works like a charm, despite the distance, the various cultures and the pandemic. The glue that holds us together is a similar, high level of tech know-how, our focus on the goal and a common approach to high quality of our output.

Łukasz Ciura
Lead Software Engineer

Watch the interview

Stephan Bachofen, Chief Technology Officer of TRIQ talks about his impression of Future Processing as a software development partner and shares his for CTOs on selecting an external technology partner.

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