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Application audit with a migration plan and suggestions for architectural improvement

Executive Summary

Challenge: Elderlearn was looking to design proper application architecture for their project and needed to improve existing code in order to enable its further development.

Approach: We analysed source code, and reviewed main business processes, external systems integrations, and current pain points. We also gathered non-functional reqirements.

Result: The client got specialist help in designing proper application architecture for the project, a migration plan and a report on the audit.

Table of Contents

About the client

Elderlearn is a service that bridges the gap between the elderly and integration.

Our client’s IT-system makes it as easy as possible for the Elderlearn employees to assist frail elderly people in meeting an immigrant who they can teach Danish.

Elderlearn sees joining two growing and challenged groups: the elderly, acting as Danish teachers, and immigrants learning the language, as fundamentally socially beneficial. Elderlearn creates relationships that have an essential impact on people’s health, both mental and physical.

Their idea strengthens integration, reduces loneliness amongst the elderly and, in so has the potential to reduce state costs, prevent thousands of somatic problems and hundreds of psychiatric diagnosis.

About the product

Enderlearn was looking for an outsourced specialist to design proper application architecture (define layers and modules) for the project, show how existing features can be ported to the new structure in a safe and business-friendly way and help develop proper boundaries.

There was a need to improve the existing code in order to enable its further development.

725 000

predicted foreigners in Denmark in 2030


more elderly people are expected in Denmark by 2060

Our role

We reviewed main business processes, external systems integrations, current challenges (pain points), plans for future changes and gathered non-functional requirements (e.g. scalability, performance and availability).

The analysis of the source code consisted of current state check, dependency analysis, identification of the files changed most often, identification of areas that should be reworked first and examination of data structure.

We presented the findings and conclusions in the final report. They were based on code review, documentation reading and teleconferences with the client’s team members. The prepared list of recommendations included checkpoints to easily run and verify the proper implementation of improvements. All according to the good practices of software development so that the code is easily understood and extended.

The audit was run in a friendly atmosphere with both sides of the project believing in the high social value of the audited application.

Working with Future Processing was a very smooth experience. We were in contact with multiple potential partners for helping us develop our .NET application and Future Processing was by far the most professional. This professionality was not limited to the sales/tender part of the contact but shone through throughout us working together.

Besides being very easy to work with, all of the people from Future Processing we encountered were truly friendly and great people and we were very happy with the results of the project. We at Elderlearn do not hesitate to recommend Future Processing.

Andreas Reventlow
Co-founder, Elderlearn

Main benefits of our partnership

  • Specialist help in designing proper application architecture for the project and sharing knowledge on how to fit existing features to the new structure in a safe way
  • Recommendations on what can be improved in the current architecture and implemented in the development process
  • Collaboration with our highly specialised engineers and exchange of know-how
  • Migration plan, suggestion on desired architecture, examples of a query use case in pseudocode (getting data) and a command use case in pseudocode (storing data)
  • The report from the audit based on the quality analysis of the current solution including code review, documentation and teleconferences with the client’s team members
  • A thorough audit carried out on time and tailored to the client’s needs

We worked together in a nice, friendly atmosphere and at a high technical level. All my questions that arose during the audit quickly found answers so that I could run my task thoroughly with no delays. The elements of the document that needed clarification or correction were pointed out by the client and they carried notes regarding the required changes.

Przemysław Liszka
Senior Software Developer, Future Processing

Technologies used in the project