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Uncovering technical and business opportunities to scale an energy optimisation system a thousand times

Executive Summary

Challenge: Smart EPC implemented an energy optimisation system for large chain shops. The company needed to develop strategies to align their solution with the specific requirements of the retail sector.

Approach: We supported our client’s business objectives with Tech Success Workshop. We provided a holistic consultancy on software architecture, infrastructure, cloud, data, and security.

Result: In three days, Smart EPC gained a comprehensive list of technological recommendations and future steps to take to effectively increase their system’s scale a thousand times, avoiding software development gaps and business risks.

Services we used:

Table of Contents

About the client

Smart EPC Sp. z o.o. offers energy efficiency solutions and management services for large and medium-sized enterprises.

The company facilitates investments in renewable energy sources and high-efficiency energy technologies. They consult and support their clients in activities aimed at reducing overall electricity and gas costs.

Business challenge

Smart EPC has recently implemented an energy consumption optimisation system for chain shops.

The organisation is now designing the most effective strategy to scale their solution a thousand times to successfully introduce it to the market and offer it to the largest retail chains nationwide. They approached us with an inquiry to help them prepare the software for future scalability.

What we did together

In order to develop the most effective strategy for scaling their solution, Smart EPC needed to gain the full perspective on the process, including both technological and business aspects of the venture.

For this reason, we decided to explore their concept through a focused Tech Success Workshop with our experts in software engineering, architecture, cybersecurity, data engineering, and business analysis.

An in-depth workshop

Right at the kick-off of our collaboration, we clarified all the expectations of our client by collectively establishing a set of measurable critical metrics for the workshop. Over three workdays, our expert team worked closely with Smart EPC’s representatives to explore the case from engineering and business perspectives.

  • We held an intensive Q&A session, during which we gained a deeper understanding of the challenge, and gave our client a clear view on possibilities to fine-tune their software solutions and business strategy with the main objective
  • Each of our tech experts led a dedicated panel discussion, so that Smart EPC gained insights into potential improvements in terms of infrastructure architecture, security, management, and data analysis
  • The workshop was facilitated by a Digital Product Consultant, who ensured that the proposed tech stack would help Smart EPC achieve their business goal in the most time and cost-efficient way

We really appreciate Future Processing's consulting approach which helped us achieve what we needed in such a short time. Their ability to align technical insights with our business goals is commendable. Future Processing's experts not only have extensive technical knowledge, but they also know how to put their ideas into practice. They speak our language and know what's best for our business.

Dawid Reutowicz
President of the Board at Smart EPC Sp. z o.o.

Main benefits of our partnership

  • A comprehensive list of recommendations which are translated into the company’s domain-specific language and aligned with their overriding business objective
  • In-depth technical expert opinion on the most efficient tech solutions that can be alternatively applied to efficiently scale their Proof of Concept
  • Knowledge of all the possible to-be scenarios enhancing strategic planning and broadening awareness of any issues that may arise during the scaling of software
  • Awareness of opportunities for optimising both tech solutions and business strategy to streamline operations and enhance success
  • Possibility to leverage their solution’s value proposition to further enhance their image of a reliable partner in the utilities market