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Developing software components used in 10,000 buses in the UK  and 5,000 buses in Sydney

Executive Summary

Challenge: Flowbird wanted to deliver their quality solutions quicker and in a cost-effective manner. They also wanted to use new technologies and architecture to offer the most technologically advanced, customisable solutions to their customers.

Approach: We developed and enhanced software for a span of platforms, from embedded software on Flowbird’s devices to back-office systems. We are supporting various business units across Flowbird’s operating centres.

Result: Together, we delivered impressive projects around the world: there are 10,000 buses in the UK and 5,000 in Sydney. Our software supports a smart ticketing system in Helisnki.

Table of Contents

About the client

Flowbird is a software platform that helps the local authorities to measure, monitor and manage mobility within the cities.

Flowbird more broadly encompasses activities, better describes the diversity of businesses for the company’s customers and users. Every week around the world, thanks to their terminals, mobile applications and online services, Flowbird contributes to improving the living environment of their 100 million users by helping to reduce air pollution, optimize traffic, simplify payments, make cities more secure and economically dynamic.

With Flowbird, Urban Intelligence, and mobility becomes easier, safer, faster.

Business challenge

Future Processing provides Flowbird with software delivery capability so that they can deliver quality solutions to their clients quicker and in a cost-effective manner.

Our collaboration started in 2008. Initially, we worked with Wayfarer, subsequently acquired by Flowbird.


buses in the UK with Flowbird machines with software components developed by us


buses in Sydney with Flowbird’s Bus Driver Console with software components developed by us

Scope of work

We grew from an initially small team to the position where we are now supporting various business units in Flowbird, in both transport and parking, for both UK and France.

Future Processing has been engaged, amongst others, in delivering the following Flowbird’s solutions:


Solutions helping bus, rail, tram and ferry operators optimise their efficiency through automatic fare collection platforms, fleet management systems, hosted back offices and real time information technology.

There are around 10,000 buses in the UK  equipped with Flowbird machines which contain software components developed by Future Processing. 

Also, 5,000 buses in Sydney are equipped with Flowbird’s Bus Driver Console running on software which also includes components developed by us.

Major mass transit soluton project for Helsinki

Supplying the ticketing system as part of prestigious citywide scheme for Helsinki, including driver consoles, ticket validators, ticket vending machines, inspection devices and a comprehensive back office system.

Flowbird also wanted to develop the solution using new technologies and architecture, to offer the most technologically advanced, customisable solution to customers.


On-street and off-street parking solutions, primarily concerned with parking payments. Our role was to customise the software used within the devices suitable to the needs of different customers throughout the world. This may include new language requirements, new facilities being offered, specifics about currency and regional expectations.


Depending on the requirements of the end customer, we can provide cost-effective solutions to adjust the hardware to use a variety of payment methods: from the ordinary coins, banknotes and credit cards to dedicated smart card payment, like e.g. Opal cards in Australia.

It’s been a really good relationship. I think we’ve got to know some of the people and build some good friendships at working levels, team levels. We had people from Future Processing work with us here in the UK and in France and got to know one another really well. I think we’ve built what we originally planned, which was a long term relationship of trust and good work, which has been really great.

Owen Griffith
Managing Director, Flowbird Transport Intelligence

Interdisciplinary teams

Our interdisciplinary delivery teams have developed and enhanced software for a span of platforms, from embedded software on Flowbird’s devices, through to back-office systems.

Projects have ranged from minor improvements for particular Flowbird customers, through developing components of a mass transit solution on a new architecture, to providing support for developed solutions.

Watch the interview

Owen Griffith explains how nearshoring became the chosen alternative and what benefits working with Future Processing brings to the company.

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Main benefits of our partnership

It is true to say that the initial driver for Flowbird in using an outsource company in Poland was cost savings and flexible scaling to meet the peak needs of winning large new contracts.

Some of the benefits that we’ve seen working with Future Processing has been our ability to resource our projects fully and therefore deliver on time with good quality and to have the mixed team approach so we have our own teams working very closely with the Future Processing teams to deliver good outcomes for customers.

That’s been a key thing, and we’ve seen that’s been a factor in the growth of the business over the last few years, so we’ve steadily improved business performance, we’ve built the business, we’ve improved the overall financial performance of the business, and delivered some very impressive projects around the world.

Owen Griffith
Managing Director, Flowbird Transport Intelligence

Technologies used in the project

Successful IT Partnership

We are now a key partner of Flowbird, providing a significant software development capability. Flowbird has delivered solutions using a range of technologies, in order to meet the needs of their clients.

Future Processing has been involved with all of these.