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In-depth analysis and development of a bespoke platform that increased Etisoft’s sales potential

Executive Summary

Challenge: Etisoft sought a long-term tech partner for a custom platform to enhance sales management, communication, and order/invoice processing for their clients.

Approach: We conducted an in-depth analysis, managing the entire project from inception to execution, including infrastructure design, programming, graphics, and portal deployment.

Result: The platform has not only improved communication but has also increased Etisoft’s sales potential by streamlining the process of ordering and providing new space for their product and marketing materials. 

Table of Contents

About the client

Etisoft is a leading provider of modern industrial marking and Auto ID systems.

For over twenty years, Etisoft has been supplying the most demanding clients in the automotive, electronics, chemical/laboratory, FMCG and construction industries with high quality, specialised solutions.

Their offer includes labels, adhesive functional elements, highly advanced dedicated traceability and RFID systems and equipment. Etisoft has several offices in Europe and serves clients across the globe. Annually, the company produces approximately 21 million m2 of adhesive tape and 3 billion labels.

Etisoft have experienced a steady growth which meant that their internal IT capacity was reaching its limit.

Our collaboration

The desire to deliver the best quality of service to their clients meant that Etisoft needed to find a dependable and long-term technology partner to help with their IT projects.

Etisoft approached Future Processing in the summer of 2015 with a need to create a bespoke platform for their clients. The aim of the platform was to improve the management of sales and to allow better communication and efficient processing of orders and invoices for their key clients.

21 mln

square meters of adhesive tape produced by the company

3 billion

labels produced by company every year

Solution we delivered

Future Processing provided Etisoft with a dedicated team that was responsible for the development and management of the project. Following an in-depth analysis of high-level requirements, Future Processing’s Business Analyst wrote specifications for the platform.

We created the platform from scratch and delivered the final product, taking care of project management, infrastructure design, programming, graphic elements for the service and deployment of the portal. We now provide Etisoft with warranty support and maintenance. The project was charged on a fixed price basis.

  • Software Development
  • Solution Architecture
  • Business Analysis
  • Design

Main benefits of our partnership

Etisoft now has a bespoke platform that helps to improve communication with their key clients. The platform consists of two parts: a sales/marketing part where clients can browse brochures and videos concerning new and existing products, and an order processing part where clients can view invoices, track payments and check the status of their order.

The platform has not only improved communication but has also increased Etisoft’s sales potential by streamlining the process of ordering, as well as providing new space for their product and marketing materials. 

Technologies used in the project