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Helping in digital transformation which led to UK Power doubling its business

Executive Summary

Challenge: UK Power needed to streamline tasks and internal operations, and digitalise their services, ultimately reducing the time spent on testing and allowing for a focus on critical matters. 

Approach: We focused on requirements engineering, solution architecture, UX design, and software development to upgrade software stacks, and develop the My Account portal for customers. 

Result: UK Power have doubled their business by digitally transforming and automating daily tasks. Additionally, the responsive design and optimisations significantly boosted the conversion rate

Table of Contents

About the client

UK Power is an energy comparison and switching service, created to take the hassle out of comparing gas, electricity, and dual fuel prices.

Independent and impartial, the company makes it easy to compare deals between energy suppliers, to help their clients make the switch and save money.

Their switching service is available over the phone or online, and their easy-to-read guides tell their customers all they need to know about their gas and electricity supply and how to make even bigger savings by being more energy-efficient.

Business challenge

What the company needed was a revolution of processes that had been done manually before. Thanks to the engagement of specialist competencies the solution we provided helped UK Power digitally transform.

It greatly reduced time spent on testing and allowed our client to focus on more pressing matters.

The business solution that we brought can be summarised in one word: automation

The main reason why we, as a group, as a whole, chose to work with Future Processing was because our company values were aligned. We could see the value that Future Processing could add to our company. Also, Future Processing was flexible in how they could work with us to make sure it was a partnership.

Jacob Duursma
Head of Digital, UK Power

Scope of work

We helped simplify and automate daily tasks done by UK Power’s employees. We were able to help them obtain the best possible result.

  • Digitalisation

When we first started we focused on upgrading the existing software stacks, further development and adding functionalities e.g. allowing the internal staff to easily test all prices across all regions. It made the process easier, faster and more intuitive – but most importantly, ensured that the quality of the data is spot on.

  • My Account Portal

Another feature we developed was My Account portal which allows UK Power’s customers to set up a personal account for an automated market monitor service. Customers automatically receive notifications if there is a better deal on the market or when their deal is due to expire, enabling them to stay on top of their bills.

The responsive design, together with various optimisations, has seen the UK Power conversion rate increase greatly over time, and they are looking to increase this further utilising our design and UX expertise.

Main benefits of our partnership

  • Automation of the process of sending files to energy providers that reduces the need for constant supervision and greatly increases user experience
  • Faster and more intuitive process of testing prices across all regions of the country
  • Simplified and automated daily tasks done by UK Power’s employees
  • Automation of processes that greatly reduced time spent on testing and allowed to focus on more pressing matters
  • Automated market monitor service
  • Possibility for the clients to save money on gas and electricity bills

We’ve doubled the business since we’ve started working with Future Processing, and while this is the accomplishment of the whole team at UK Power, the support from Future Processing in the development we’ve done on the website and the back office systems have been a crucial factor in this growth.

Jacob Duursma
Head of Digital, UK Power

Technologies used in the project