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Information Technology Norway

Developing mobile applications for various branches of the Norwegian IT market

Executive Summary

Challenge: Altiweb needed rare talents which they couldn’t find in Norway. They didn’t want to recruit inhouse as they found it difficult to keep people inspired and give them knowledge to solve the company’s specific problems.

Approach: Throughout the partnership, we worked on a number of development projects, from those intended for students, trade unionists, and climbers, to an app for managing the work of Nordic Coop shops.

Result: The  company regained focus on their main business, making the most of their budget and resources. They gained a partner who helped them implement new ideas and deliver products they are really proud of.

Table of Contents

About the client

Altiweb AS is a Norwegian IT company with extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to creating apps adapted to all platforms.

The company specialises in responsive design, so while visiting any website from a mobile device, a customised page will appear with the functionality the user wants to see.

Altiweb first came to Future Processing at the beginning of 2012 with the need of providing them with mobile competencies.

Business challenge

With a small software department, it is difficult to maintain the people, to inspire them, the way a bigger environment of developers can do. Building in-house software competencies is so difficult and, in most cases for most companies, it’s off their core.

It is important to understand that even though you have a software department, even though you develop your own software, you’ll always find the tasks that go a little bit on the outside of everything. It takes away the time that you need and then outsourcing is a wonderful business model, if you do it in the right way.

Tom Horvei
Chairman of Altiweb AS

Our role

We formed a small team responsible for the development of a simple iOS application. Over time, we got to deliver more and more projects, and finally, we have become an important part of Altiweb’s business. Our main role is to develop mobile applications for various branches of the Norwegian IT market.

We took care of the backlog of work that Altiweb was struggling with, allowing the company to focus on their main business. We have also helped Altiweb make the most of their company’s budget and resources, helping them to implement their ideas.

We are very satisfied with the cooperation. We feel that we’ve gotten into a relationship with you as a partner. We are open and I don’t feel that it’s a traditional customer–supplier relationship. It’s more a partnership, to get the job done right and that’s exactly what we’ve dreamt of.

Tom Horvei
Chairman, Altiweb

Mobile applications

In the course of our partnership, we worked on a number of development projects, ranging from those intended for high school students, an app designed for Norwegian trade unionists, an app designed to allow climbers in Norway to get detailed information on local mountain ranges, through to an application that helps managing work in the shop, made for COOP supermarket chain, operating in the Nordic countries.

The most recent project we are working on is GENEAFILES which will automatically look for ancestors and suggest people to add to your family tree, after gathering required information.

Watch the interview

Tom Horvei explains what benefits working with Future Processing brings to the company.

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For us, outsourcing meant that we didn’t have to recruit people in a difficult market, we didn’t have to put a small team together, without the capacity to actually give them the knowledge that they needed to solve our specific problems.

For that reason, outsourcing was a huge success, because in a short time we got a dedicated team, caring only about our problems and we got an end product that we are now really proud of.

Tom Horvei
Chairman, Altiweb AS

Technologies used in the project