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Healthcare United Kingdom

Supporting the development of a solution for time management and periodic assessment of doctors

Executive Summary

Challenge: The client wanted to develop and launch a new module for one of their products and were looking for an experienced technology partner.

Approach: Our partnership evolved to further projects, each starting from a design workshop. Products were then collaboratively estimated, developed, and delivered.

Result: Together, we delivered three solutions which allowed Allocate to achieve significant cost-savings, much shorter time to market and more flexibility in resource allocation without losing on quality.

Table of Contents

About the client

RLDatix, previously known as Allocate Software, has been designing innovative products to optimise complex organisations since 1991.

Allocate Software focuses on delivering software tools to help healthcare institutions manage their staff safely and efficiently so that they can deliver exceptional care to all their patients. They believe in building a better future, are passionate about helping customers deliver the best care they can, and are striving to constantly innovate to support them.

They have customers in 11 countries, with 800,000 people deployed using their software in over 800 organisations.

Business challenge

It all started in 2011 when Allocate Software wanted to develop and launch a new module for one of their products.

Therefore, they chose to partner with Future Processing, based on our experience, partnership approach and feedback from existing customers. We started to work on eRoster – application for doctors’ time management, integrated with Outlook.


evaluated doctors in E360 system at the end of July 2014


surveys completed in E360 system at the end of July 2014

Solutions we delivered


We started to work on eRoster – application for doctors’ time management, integrated with Outlook. Its most important functions are planning, time settlement and reports for managers.

E360 web application

We worked on several projects for Allocate simultaneously. One of the biggest is E360 – a web application, which helps to manage the periodic assessment of doctors. We provided a dedicated team responsible for the development process and quality assurance. Thanks to E360, the evaluation process and creating surveys are much easier.

Cloud Connect

A service used to send text messages to nurses informing them of available additional shifts within their hospital. Allocate decided to develop its own texting service, based in the cloud so that all of their products could use it. It was said that after the first release about 100 hospitals will use it, sending 12 mln text messages a year.

Expert workshops

Architects for Allocate and Future Processing held a workshop at the beginning of each project to design the solution from the very beginning.

It was then estimated and developed using a very collaborative process that ensured the product was delivered on time to a very high level of quality.

Main benefits of our partnership

  • Allocate achieved significant cost-savings, compared to UK prices, much shorter time to market and more flexibility in resource allocation without losing on quality
  • Faster and easier evaluation process and creating surveys thanks to E360
  • Demonstration of successful, multi-location SCRUM development
  • Cloud Connect enabling determination and limitation of messages available for the client, integration with two message providers and statistics collection
  • Possibility to focus development activities on delivering better performance and to provide customers with detailed hardware requirements based on expected application usage

Watch the interview

Watch an interview with David Moller, Director of Development at Allocate Software.

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Technologies used in the project

Looking to the future

Over the years we acquired a lot of knowledge about Allocate and their needs. Having learned that, we have domain contribution and we can propose improvements. Together with the client, we think of what to do to help them achieve what they really want. We are trusted when it comes to offering solutions and refining requirements.