Read Offshore Agility

Offshore Agility

At the National Outsourcing Association’s recent Offshoring Day, one of the presenters posed the question whether Agile development methods are really suitable for offshore software development. This is something I have pondered over on and off during the last couple of years.

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Read Is Industry Change Unprecedented?

Is Industry Change Unprecedented?

I attended the National Outsourcing Association’s Offshoring Day in London last week.  Reading the agenda I was rather sceptical about how useful it would be for Future Processing, but actually there were several interesting speakers from end-user, advisory and supplier organisations and while it covered all types of outsourcing, there was plenty of content pertinent to offsh

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Read Developing our future

Developing our future

Recently I set up a talent enhancement programme called FP Academy. It provides high-quality, comprehensive ongoing professional development for employees. Among other things, our software developers can update their programming language skills, try out new open source initiatives and learn new team-working techniques. But it is not just for developers, it is for all staff.

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Read Why is the Polish IT market growing so fast?

Why is the Polish IT market growing so fast?

In Poland, IT industry has been developing strongly in the past twelve months:  According to IDC it saw 7% growth on the previous year. Outsourcing has been doing particularly well. In 2010 it made up 17% of the overall IT market (IDC, Outsourcing Magazine 6/2010). Proving this, we at Future Processing have doubled our headcount and gained many new customers.

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Read The relationship conundrum

The relationship conundrum

Recently I read a blog post by Martyn Hart, chairman of the National Outsourcing Association in which he reported on a conference he had attended where the speaker purported that “ in the outsourcing market there tends to be two types  of client.” One is a company that is experienced in outsourcing and the other is new to the market and therefore needs more of a partnership approach with their

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Read It takes two to innovate

It takes two to innovate

Recently the National Outsourcing Association conducted some research into innovation in outsourcing.  What surprised me about the results is the fact that while customer and outsourcers are both interested in innovation – 70% of respondents consider innovation to be very important – only the outsourcer seems to be

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Read Doing more than you are asked

Doing more than you are asked

Yesterday, I met a prospective client who is looking for an offshore company to look after the QA for a particular software development project. Describing his requirements, he said, “I am looking for a QA team that does more than they are asked for.” Probing a bit further, I found that actually this was a very reasonable request.

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