Read It takes two to innovate

It takes two to innovate

Recently the National Outsourcing Association conducted some research into innovation in outsourcing.  What surprised me about the results is the fact that while customer and outsourcers are both interested in innovation – 70% of respondents consider innovation to be very important – only the outsourcer seems to be

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Read Doing more than you are asked

Doing more than you are asked

Yesterday, I met a prospective client who is looking for an offshore company to look after the QA for a particular software development project. Describing his requirements, he said, “I am looking for a QA team that does more than they are asked for.” Probing a bit further, I found that actually this was a very reasonable request.

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Read 2010 – the macro view

2010 – the macro view

In my last post I blogged about Future Processing’s success in 2010. In this one I’m going to examine the Polish IT outsourcing market. Future Processing wasn’t the only offshore development company to do well in 2010. Many other Polish software companies reported good results.

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Read 2010 – the micro picture

2010 – the micro picture

2010 was a very busy year for Future Processing and one in which we broke many of our own records. While many companies reported poor results due to customers tightening their belts we found the opposite. Not only did most of our customers increase the scope of their work with us, we also won clients in new markets, like France and the US.

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