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UX comes to enterprise software

When you think of computing behemoth IBM, most of us think of lumbering, enterprise computing systems, made to be managed by techies. In fact, enterprise computing generally conjures up images of systems and software with dry interfaces that IT staff need to be thoroughly trained on and vendors need to offer considerable support for.

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A great software development team

Software development is our core business. Like me, many people at Future Processing have been programming since their early teens – you could say it’s in our blood. Clients often ask me for advice on how to create or improve their in-house development teams. My response is almost always the same: there is no simple, magic formula.

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Best Practice in Software Development

A lot of the posts on this blog and the Future Processing tweets are actually about software development. It is the core of our business and something we are passionate about. It is unsurprising therefore that we run an annual series of lectures entitled “Best Practice in Software Development.”

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