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The highest quality of software – how we ensure it with partnerships

date: 23 June 2021
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A quality database of high-end professionals and partner companies to support us in selected projects is exceptionally precious. That’s why we put a great effort into building, maintaining, and constantly benefiting from our verified talent pool.

A talent pool is a database of potential job candidates or experts to cooperate within chosen projects. Companies usually gather information about highly qualified specialists who previously expressed their interest in joining or supporting a team.

A well-managed talent pool includes information about specialists’:

  • skills

  • key strengths

  • current workplace

  • fit in the company’s culture

  • potential roles to fill or projects to do

From an organisation’s perspective, a talent pool is an efficient way to grow together, which means cultivating relationships with expert workers to ensure the highest-quality competencies for its customers. Building, maintaining and nurturing a high-quality talent pool is a vital, long-term strategy for the organisation and its customers. See how we do it in Future Processing.

Scalable and flexible partnerships

Given that there is a growing demand for almost all IT skills, we have created the possibility to conduct a project using developers from our trustworthy partner companies. This solution addresses our clients’ needs for rapid project start times, which we cannot fulfil only with our company’s employees.

All the skills of external candidates are verified in details to ensure a high quality of services they provide. We conduct different kinds of assessment, both for the partner companies and each of the candidates, before signing the agreement. The agreement secures our clients’ data, confidentiality, interests and the appropriate quality of services. Our partners are obliged to comply with the same standards, regulations, and policies that Future Processing will adhere to as part of the contract.

How do we ensure good quality?

We recognise the client’s concerns, as they were also our concerns when introducing that change to our organisation. To address this issue, we have created a dedicated Sourcing department within the Project Management Office.

Our experts screen and verify all potential partner companies that want to become members of our network. Before we accept a particular candidate for a project, our technical recruiter verifies his or her technical competencies. All projects with partner employees have an experienced Team/Project Manager from us, who ensures that all the conducted work matches our standards.

Our best practices in software development

We have developed a set of essential rules covering various areas in both technical and development process quality. “Best Practices in Software Development” are standard regulations to be followed in our tasks, as well as partnership projects. A Team Leader ensures that these rules are followed. Over the years, we have created our own set of best practices that ensure high quality of delivery, including “Best Practices of Software Development” that we contractually adhere to and our Test Strategy template.

Finally, the Project Management Office keeps a close eye on such projects, constantly monitoring their progress using our Delivery Success Indicators (DSIs). We use a set of 88 metrics to spot early signals of the project threats and opportunities and deliver higher quality outcomes. This model has been used for more than two years now, and it has proven effective and valued.

We also apply a defined governance structure and forums to support operational, tactical and strategic communication. It allows us to spot issues early, act proactively, report promptly and at an appropriate level of authority.

What is more, we run our own Partner Channel. It is an initiative focused on creating a vast network of trusted companies (including consultants and software companies). They give our clients access to opportunities and competencies which are not easily available on the market. A company that operates in our Partner Channel can act as a subcontractor or take care of the requirement on its own if the client agrees.

How do we choose partners?

We provide services with both our personnel as well as subcontractors. We always take full responsibility for the subcontractors.

We have gone to great lengths in selecting the right partners who respond to our resource demand-related needs and fit our culture and style of working.

Our recruitment path includes several steps:

How do we check security standards?

Our partner companies must fulfil our requirements in the area of data protection and overall security standards. The developers who want to work with us undergo the same recruitment process as our regular workers. It includes signing appropriate contracts and NDAs to ensure that they comply with our governance and ethical standards.

Our partner companies work under the agreement prepared by Future Processing. We prepare a template that reflects the standard requirements for this type of cooperation. It covers:

This agreement also forces – under the contractual penalties – the same level of protection on all the employees or freelancers working for sub-supplier.

Future Processing’s Verified Talent Pool – the rules

Our contractors are:
– Bound by confidentiality agreements (NDA)
– Bound by personal data processing agreements (GDPR)
Contractors undertake the recruitment process before joining our TeamThe same day rate schedule applies for both: contractors and our regular employees
Services performance at our premises and equipment prepared according to our internal security policiesContractors can use both internal and external training provided by usThe same rules regarding non-billable days being annual/sick leaves and training days
IPR is transferred to us immediately after productionThe planned absence of contractors is communicated at least 14 days beforeIn case of travel, the same daily subsistence applies
Notice terms should reflect the notices in contracts between Client and us

We remain transparent in this area in all cases, and our clients may request a review of the related agreements with the 3-rd party companies that we involve in a given project. Additionally, we are open to amending agreements with our sub-suppliers in case the protection is insufficient.


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