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8 Tech Podcasts you should know about

date: 29 April 2021
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Podcasts are gaining in popularity quicker than ever before. 32% of Americans listen to podcasts at least once a month, and podcast ad revenue is projected to reach $1 billion this year.

Since our lives are getting busier almost day-to-day, we have less time for activities. Podcasts seem like an excellent choice for the more invested people, whose timetable doesn’t really let them spend hours on learning. They can be a great background to your regular activities such as working out or cleaning. Seeing that these have to be done, why not enrich that time in some insight or entertainment?

There’s an endless list of podcasts for people to explore, covering almost all possible topics. They’re often available online via platforms such as iTunes, and since access is so convenient, it’s another reason for podcasts’ current popularity and growth. The abundance and variety allow people to fulfil their educational and entertainment needs.

On top of that, the audience wants to learn. Reaching them becomes fairly easy with podcasts, you just need to cover the right topics. The fact that even the smallest of niches have their programmes makes podcasts a phenomenal marketing and advertising channel.

The tech industry has also tapped into podcasts’ potential, and so there’s a large variety of them. Still, not all of the tech podcasts are equally rewarding and educational. For this reason, we decided to compile a list of the most interesting ones.

a16z Podcast

Produced by a venture capitalist company Andreesen Horowitz, the a16z Podcast provides information mostly about technology, although they don’t limit themselves all that much. Since it’s such a broad topic, the hosts don’t hesitate and talk about virtually anything from company building and culture to the latest trends and innovations. The programme is extremely informative, as the guests are top academics and industry leaders.

With the hosts’ eyes fixed on the future, the a16z Podcast becomes an excellent resource for imagining and understanding how we might function a few years from now.

Accidental Tech Podcast

As one of the most established and well-known industry podcasts, Accidental Tech Podcast has a lot of going for it. First of all, it’s hosted by three pretty distinguished specialists, Marco Arment, Casey Liss, and John Siracusa, all of whom have a great deal of software development and technology experience. The three of them are Apple enthusiasts, and so they like to talk about various topics connected to the giant.

Still, apart from Apple talk, there are a lot of other subjects Accidental Tech Podcast covers. These include innovation, programming, general technology, and a great deal of interesting off-topic talks.

Back To Work

With its history dating back to 2009, Dan Benjamin’s 5by5TV is home to the Back to Work podcast. Having won plenty of awards (and rightfully so!), Back to Work is one of the unquestionable kings of productivity and communication talk. Dan Benjamin discusses work, tools, barriers, and various methods of overcoming them with his co-host, Merlin Mann.

While it’s not about technological advancements, the podcast is especially useful for IT specialists who want to revamp their productivity habits. Back to Work can become a go-to resource for tips and hacks concerning your day-to-day tech work life. Not only is it insightful, but it’s also enjoyable as the hosts don’t refrain themselves from banter.


ITInsights is not only about podcasts and webinars. They also organise various meetings with the intent of creating a community among tech professionals. Covering topics associated with business and technology, aptly called ITInsights offers just that — actionable IT insights.

ITInsights’ podcasts, online events, and webinars are characterised by unconventional formulas, specific humour, and a relaxed atmosphere, making watching and listening enjoyable. Due to the pandemic, ITInsights’ offline events are currently on hold, but there is a great amount of online material for hours of learning and entertainment.

Still, we recommend you to keep the finger on the pulse, as restrictions will finally end, and they’ll be back on track with organising offline events.

Reply All

Being a part of Gimlet Media podcast network, Reply All is one of the first to be produced by them. Having met critical acclaim among its audience, Reply All features talk about everything technology-adjacent.

Reply All mostly focuses on pop culture, and while it’s not necessarily about tech per se, it’s worth mentioning, as the podcast is great. It’s humorous, entertaining, and is an excellent means of relaxation after a hard day. We’d recommend you Reply All if you want to have an enjoyable time and laugh at the PJ Vogt’s and Alex Goldman’s unique perspectives on the intersection of culture and technology.


Hosted by three women, Christina Warren, Brianna Wu and Simone de Rochefort, Rocket offers laid-back talk of everything geeky. Upcoming, innovative technology, games, movies, comics, books — you name it. There’s a lot to uncover with the show pushing 300 episodes. This is a real goldmine of great talk and distinctive perspectives on tech-related topics.

If you’re keen on that kind of topics talked about in a banter-ish, relaxed, and delightfully intelligent manner, Rocket is definitely something for you.

The Studio @ Home

If you’re after an exceptionally informative, future-oriented podcast, look no further than The Studio @ Home. Talking topics like Cloud, productivity, security, data, and organisation, The Studio has a lot of expert advice and wisdom to offer. The invited guests are the top technology professionals who share their thoughts on each topic within their HotTopics series.

The Studio @ Home’s episodes are met with largely positive comments, and there’s no reason to think that the quality will ever decline.

This Week In Tech

This one is hard not to mention, even though it’s not a single podcast. There are so many goodies in there that you’d want to list them all. Founded by Leo Laporte, This Week In Tech is one of the oldest tech podcast networks out there, with its history reaching 2005. The network has plenty of shows covering a vast array of different topics. With tons of content to discover, TWiT produces 30 hours of shows each week. The talks include but are not limited to Security Now, Windows Weekly, MacBreak Weekly, iOS Today, All About Android, This Week In Google, and Tech News Weekly.

Since there’s such a wide variety of different shows on TWiT, we’re sure that you’ll find something entertaining and informative there. The format is mostly casual — the invited experts simply share their perspective on different topics, which constantly sparks insight-rich discussion.


Seeing that keeping up with the current technology trends is no easy feat, you should make sure to utilise all of your possibilities. Podcasts seem like one of the best ways of staying on top of most recent news and innovations, as listening to them doesn’t require you to cancel or postpone any trivial, day-to-day activities.

So get your phone and headphones, as there’s a lot to make up if you haven’t yet tried listening to podcasts!

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