10 Dutch Tech Companies to look out for in 2019
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10 Dutch Tech Companies to look out for in 2021

date: 12 March 2021
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The Netherlands is considered to be Europe's hotspot for leading technology companies. Global IT businesses like Google, Microsoft, Oracle, CISCO and IBM have already established themselves there. 

From the ownership of the best security clusters to being one of the most advanced data centres in Europe, the Netherlands became an attractive investment destination, with reports stating that the Dutch tech companies earn about €750 million a year 

Amsterdam, the Dutch Capital, is Europe’s 4th biggest startup hub, rapidly developing into one of the most significant IT hubs in Europe. It is definitely business scene worth getting interested in as, and that’s for sure, Dutch tech companies will become more and more visible in the market. They opened to new possibilities and introduced digital transformation adjusting themselves to the requirements of customers and the fast changing market.

Here are the top 10 Dutch tech companies that have already established their global name in providing best software services.


While cryptocurrency and blockchain have bloomed on the market, a lot of beginners fail to get into the same due to lack of knowledge. Blockport set out to build a user-friendly exchange that connects social with trading, enabling people to effortlessly trade cryptocurrency and help them adopt the new digital economy. They aim at developing an end-to-end trading platform that gives effortless trade experience to their customers. This Amsterdam-based company wants to fill the gap between society and the high-tech blockchain world.


Ohpen is a well-known financial technology company that produces cloud-based core banking platforms. The team is full of experts from experienced bankers to proficient software engineers who aim at liberating the banks from their legacy systems and processes. Their mission is to develop the best core banking engine in the world. Robeco, De Volksbank and Aego – these are the names of just a few companies in their portfolio. Their innovative approach helps customers to save up to 80% of IT costs.


Awarded with Supreme Software award and Expert’s Choice Award in the first year of business activity, Virtuagym aims at creating innovative fitness software for gyms, corporate health services, and personal trainers and excels at it. Virtuagym is the industry-leading solution, successfully providing features like client coaching, membership management, billing, scheduling and access control – all in a single software. From exercise and nutrition guidance to progress tracking and online coaching, they design robust software that is trusted by 5,000+ businesses all over the world.

4. BUX

Founded in 2014, BUX makes entering the world of finance easy and affordable. From commission-free stock investing to CFD training, people can participate in financial markets through their mobile phones, sitting at one place. Since launching, BUX has made the markets accessible for more than 2 million users across 9 countries in Europe.


Europe’s fastest growing supermarket. Picnic is a smart app that provides quick, easy and cheap grocery shopping across 30 cities, operating in 5 steps: supply-chain, forecasting, warehouse systems, partnership, and fleet strategies. They believe that technology, smart planning and a fleet of electric vehicles will lead to less food waste and fewer food miles. With a data-driven approach and an app-only store, Picnic has become Europe’s fastest growing online supermarket.


For hoteliers by hoteliers. Bidroom is the world’s first no-commission hotel booking platform, offering 5% – 25% lower room prices than other booking websites. Their primary goal is to be a bridge connecting the hotels to their guests directly, with no commission for the hotels and low prices for the visitors. Launched in October 2014, they are currently the best travel startup in the Netherlands, committed to making travel, easier, fairer, cheaper and better for everyone.


One of Europe’s hottest startups. Tiqets is an innovative ticketing platform that helps visitors discover and buy tickets for museums and various other attractions, aiming at making culture more accessible. They have successfully connected the largest venues in Europe, the US and the Middle East and are working passionately on helping the locations with reducing waiting lines. Recently, they received the best Trustpilot score in the industry and the Ticketing Business of the Year Award.


Purple creates great concepts through new and innovative technologies. They are always challenging the status quo, embracing everything that is new and focusing solely on creating differentiating and remarkable strategies/concepts/productions. For one of their clients Purple has created, developed and delivered a special project: the immersive experience room. Founded in 2011, the company is now a group of best professionals in marketing, innovation, design and media.


M-Wise is a data-driven marketing agency established in 2000. It is known for creating effective loyalty programs and customer experiences for leading brands operating across the world. Their unique method is flexible enough to create a fully customised program and yet structured enough to guarantee lasting success. They were the first to combine loyalty and marketing automation and today are known as the thought leader in loyalty across the world.


With over 800 employees and about €159 billion in processed volume a year, Adyen is the payments platform built to simplify and accelerate global payments. They provide the best of modern infrastructure, directly connected to card networks and local payment methods across the world. Facebook, Uber, L’Oreal are only a few of their top customers. The company aims at helping businesses grow by building payment platforms that meet the rapidly evolving needs of today’s global businesses.

Great IT infrastructure, talented and passionate employees and the use of advanced technology in the Netherlands have contributed to writing the success story for numerous tech companies. The ones discussed above are only a few examples of how to be successful in providing the best software services, earning a reputed name on the market.

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