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date: 17 August 2021
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Business needs data. Not every ton of it, but selected information helps gain significant profit and grow according to trends. In Future Processing, we prove to our clients that unlocking the potential of data technology drives the company’s success. Data Scientists and Business Intelligence specialists know how to make the most of it.

More and more companies discover the full potential of using data. There are significant benefits that incredibly speed the pace of business development, regardless of its size. Data Science is widely used among small startups, as well as worldwide businesses, as effectively processed data helps:

  • Make better decisions quicker
  • Solve complex problems faster
  • Understand the details of performance
  • Improve day-to-day operations
  • Discover trends and customers’ needs
  • Develop better user experience
  • Measure company’s and employees’ succes
  • Understand the market and competition
  • Base new services and touchpoints
  • Increase sales and prevent losses

At Future Processing, we can design processes that visualise data processing, design and create a solution from scratch based on existing mathematical models and using components to connect them. We empower them with technology to support their analysis procedures and decision-making processes through cooperation with our clients’ domain experts.

Proper data management transforms data into knowledge and enables solution optimisation, process automation, complex data analysis (predictive, nonlinear), high-quality data visualisation, and secure data maintenance regardless of its source.

What resources do we have?

No matter the stage our clients are in now, we give them solutions tailored to the current and future needs of the business.

Our specialists cooperate with the client’s experts, assuring dynamic operation based on flexibility and constant flow of information between the companies. Together we compose proactive teams of experts who meet regularly, participate in workshops and share similar working cultures.

What does Data Science bring?

  • Data transformed into knowledge provides real-time information that leads to making better decisions and meeting timelines.
  • Design and implementation of data platforms together with advanced data processing, analysis and visualisation.
  • Advice on what can be done using the provided data, leading towards the appropriate solution.
  • Comprehensive analytical models that facilitate decision-making help discover trends and unveil patterns.
  • Comprehensive IoT platforms enable collecting and organising the data from various devices through processes, engaging Artificial Intelligence algorithms, to adding customer and business value.
  • Continuous monitoring of the effectiveness of your activities, as well as predictive maintenance and anomaly detection solutions, thanks to Machine Learning models.
  • Segmentation, categorisation, recommendation and natural language processing problems can be solved through Artificial Intelligence applications.

What do we do with the data?

To process data means to decide which pieces of information are especially valuable, where to store them and how to process them effectively to reach the business goal. Our task is to find the right place to store data and the best possible ways of using it. Each step is based on the business challenges, needs and plans. In our work, we focus on non-functional aspects like availability, accessibility, security and performance.

The whole process includes the following steps:

Cooperation with Business Intelligence experts

Did you know that your in-house team can be empowered with external forces? By partnering with our Business Intelligence specialists, you can get an opportunity to grow, develop and thrive with experts who have the required experience and knowledge. They know how to organise and optimise data, preparing high-quality reports presenting everything you need the way you want. You can also engage specialists to get a Data Warehouse to store all your data in one safe place. Thanks to Data Warehouse, your data analysts can configure a report on their own as we teach them how to do so.

Our cooperation

Our client has a recruitment on-demand online staffing platform that combines cutting-edge technology with decades of labour market knowledge. The company helps businesses run their day-to-day operations, making it easy to find flexible workers. On the other side of the marketplace, they onboard potential employees and provide them with jobs that match their location and qualifications through a mobile app.

In 2019, we met the client’s requirements to become a new, trustworthy nearshore provider that operates in a similar time zone and delivers solutions of the highest quality within the agreed time. The company expected significant growth and needed a much more flexible system framework and rapid product innovation. Client’s software required modernisation of the used technology and solution’s architecture.

Our task was to clean up and stabilise the existing system and digitally transform it through redesigning existing processes and refactoring the code.

What is our solution?

  • Step 1
    We took part in initial discussions that led to formulating recommendations. It helped us understand our client’s domain, business values and requirements.

  • Step 2
    We worked together with the client’s onsite Tech and Product Teams to design new features and upgrade the system to ensure its robustness.

  • Step 3
    To escape the high cost associated with making changes to the existing monolithic application, we started to migrate it to an ecosystem of microservices.

  • Step 4
    We also added automated testing and deployment to the process.

  • Step 5
    We suggested the structure as well as the size of the 3 provided teams: two development teams and a data team that consist of Scrum Masters, Architects, Developers, Quality Assurance Engineers, Data (BI) Engineers.

They manage all day-to-day operations, support client’s Product Team, deliver needed features and provide clear, high-quality data valuable in making business decisions.

The result of our cooperation

We have developed a system designed in a highly beneficial way for our client, their business customers, and individual mobile app users.

Used technologies

.Net Core, ASP.NET, MS SQL, Angular, React, Azure, Microservices, Xamarin

Main benefits of our partnership

  • Maintenance of the client’s ecosystem throughout the secure transition process from the previous provider.
  • Cooperation that has led to the digital transformation of existing processes.
  • Successful partnership that ensures continuous and seamless product innovation and a short time to market delivery.
  • Operational agility allows to rapidly scale the team up and down and adjust its competencies to changing requirements.
  • Having a trustworthy partner who is open to a long-lasting partnership and can align with continuously changing business needs.
  • Open, fully transparent Agile cooperation as both companies are experienced in working with an agile mindset.
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