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Wearables – functional devices or just fashion statements?

date: 6 October 2015
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What is the new ‘black’ of the season you may ask. Well, apparently wearables are. Not only can they be very modern and innovative, but also help in everyday life.

Wearable devices’ market changes very quickly, every week we find ourselves flooded with new techy information. The devices enter new areas of our lives and seem to be here to stay, since most of them are bound to help us with everyday life problems. And some of them are really serious.

  1. There is hope for couples struggling to have children. One of the new wearables is here to change their lives. YONO is the tiny earpiece that monitors your body temperature alerting you of the best moment to think about pregnancy. It is to be worn during the night and the measurements are then send to the special app that reveals all the crucial data about woman’s body.
  1. Summer season is almost over but warm days aren’t. Octocool is the answer – air- conditioning embedded into your clothes may be very real soon. All clothing pieces have special fans that provide you with pleasant cool breeze for almost 9 hours. There is one flaw to it though – it may make you look a little bit bulky.
  1. FitBit is the activity tracker that got massive shout out during this year’s EnterConf. FitBits are fitness devices that monitor you daily routines, activities and sleeping patterns. They can also synch with your phone. It’s a great idea that may help to get rid of all the couch potatoes out there.

Wearables are bound to expand even further. We can now face the 2.0 versions of the first releases. They become more functional rather than being just geeky gadgets and can undoubtedly change the world.

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