10 reasons to consider software outsourcing right now

date: 23 July 2020
reading time: 5 min

When is the best time for a business to consider software outsourcing? Basically, anytime. Especially when you need to mitigate risks, avoid fixed costs and be prepared for unexpected changes in the market. The new regulations surrounding COVID-19 have brought all of these challenges to the surface, forcing companies to look for new ways to secure their position in the market. Many businesses are finding that they need a new approach to their IT development strategy, and outsourcing often seems to be the most optimal option. Why?

Here are 10 reasons proving why it’s a good idea to bet on an experienced IT partner sooner rather than later –especially in the current situation (and also don’t forget to check out our free tool for comparing and selecting IT outsourcing partners).  

10 reasons to consider outsourcing

There’s a growing need to increase your speed and efficiency.

The need for digital transformation is now stronger than ever: many companies have to start working remotely, need new software solutions, and must quickly replace their old legacy systems. At the same time, they still have to develop at a steady pace to maintain a competitive advantage. A lot of work has to be done, on both conceptual and practical levels. Outsourcing will free up your overstretched IT manpower, help you with your strategy, and also relieve you of (some or all of) the heavy responsibilities associated with software development, allowing you to accelerate your business growth.

It’s important to stay focused on your core business. 

The fewer distractions you have, the more focused you can be on running your company. Your software project will be in the capable hands of experienced specialists who already know how to cooperate remotely. This means that you will gain some precious time to develop your services, products, distribution channels, and to find new areas of profitable growth under these new circumstances.

You can benefit from faster project delivery.

Since an external company will not be constantly distracted by any of your internal issues (as your in-house team would be), they can work faster and more efficiently. In turn, it can lead to faster ROI.

Your IT partner has the technical expertise that you need.

Once you’ve decided to develop a software project, having profound knowledge about the subject is essential in order to do it right. Cooperating with a software company will allow you to access technical expertise that you can rely on. Experienced in running many different projects, your partner can provide you with broader perspective, research-based information, and offer many valuable tips and suggestions. Getting to that level of expertise takes years of hard work and training, and it all comes with the package.

The more flexibility, the better.

In current market situation fixed costs are the ones that give sleepless nights to many business owners. Instead of hiring new people on a permanent basis, buying a lot of new equipment, expanding your office or renting a bigger space – you can outsource your project development with the possibility of scaling up or down, whenever needed. You can start small and then gradually develop your cooperation, or you can also stop and pause things at any moment, if you feel it’s necessary. Outsourcing involves less risks, because your IT partner will adjust to your needs, not the other way around.

You will have access to a much larger talent pool.

No matter what sort of specialists you need, an experienced IT partner will be able to fill a team with the right people. And they will not be limited by the capabilities of HR during the recruitment process. For example, apart from having in-house developers, a lot of outsourcing companies cooperate with a number of renowned recruitment agencies and IT partners, and this allows them to hire additional experts whenever they’re needed. Not only that, they also have branches in other countries to supplement their domestic talent pools.

Keeping up with the latest technologies is priceless.

Achieving and then maintaining a competitive edge is no walk in the park. It requires making constant improvements and staying up-to-date with the latest technologies. And when you already have enough on your plate just from focusing on your core business, your IT partner will cover you in the areas of software development and digital transformation – according to the newest trends and changes on the market.

Freeing up your in-house team can unlock their potential.

In-house IT teams very often run too many projects at once. Cooperating with an external partner can help unlock their potential, by allowing your in-house-team to narrow down their areas of interest, e.g., to focus on maintenance and internal issues. Establishing individual priorities and carrying out relevant tasks, one by one, will help the entire company run more smoothly and effectively.

Handling security issues and compliance requirements now comes at a premium.

Before starting any cooperation with a software company, make sure that they are ISO 27001-certified, have the necessary safety procedures in place, and are able to adjust any software that they are developing to the most recent regulations. This way, you won’t have to sacrifice your time and resources to deal with any security issues.

It’s an opportunity for your in-house team to learn more.

And last but not least – your own IT department and managers will benefit from this cooperation as well. They will be able to learn firsthand how to cooperate remotely, including how to manage a remote working team of specialists. Also, a new partner brings a fresh perspective to well-known subjects, adds a broader range of knowledge, and contributes invaluable experience that you can learn from straight away.

Turn difficulties into opportunities with outsourcing!

No matter how challenging the current situation may seem, you can always find ways to turn these challenges into opportunities. Outsourcing may be one of these ways – a very flexible and safe way that offers much more than just standard software development. You can gain the support you need in terms of people and knowledge, and peace of mind when it comes to flexibility and stability. If you want to see how it works in practice – feel free to contact us!

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