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Be better with offshore outsourcing!

date: 15 July 2014
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A recent study by Apigee Institute found that companies that use offshore software outsourcing tend to have better apps. 

The Institute surveyed as many as 800 IT decision makers in businesses with annual revenue over £300 million. The results indicate that most effective apps and web-based products belong to those organisations, which are more likely to outsource their software development.

The report found that in order to be more successful, you need to relinquish control-oriented approach, which was heavily popular in IT in the past. It is not viable nowadays to manage the whole system of development and deployment.

Research conducted by Apigee Institute has also found that companies tend to focus on their apps being market-oriented, whereas companies on the path to success are the ones that use outsourcing, which comes in line with on-time and on-budget deployment.

Traditional approach is no longer compatible with market demand. Research results suggest that those, who succeed in app deployment adopted a different way of thinking – they recognised the importance of introducing external expertise, in order to take over the burden and be more adaptive.

Apigee Institute reported that as much as a third of app producers surveyed are searching for outsourcing partners.

That’s why, it is now clear for IT leaders that handing over control is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. If you want to develop successful products, outsourcing may be the way to go.

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