Can technology reduce food waste?

date: 5 July 2016
reading time: 3 min

We live in a world of prosperity, where enormous amounts of food are wasted each day. Bearing in mind that there are people who need feeding, can something be done about that? Can technology help?

According to UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) each year developed countries waste around 222 million tons of food. This is almost as much as the entire net food production of sub-Saharan Africa.

So, is it possible to engage technology in the process of reducing the wastage?
Let us answer this question for you.

There’s a variety of applications on the market helping us save as much food as possible.

Some of them can, for example, help you find people who’d be interested in the food you don’t need. They work as a sharing network and since the release are a huge success. You simply download the application, fill in all the information on your extra food and wait for someone to collect it.

There are also other applications which can help you plan your meals. Not only do they assist you in creating a shopping list, but also show possible recipes to use up the excess of your food.

But let us dig a little deeper. There are also applications that help food retailers sell their food surplus which was not accepted for sale due to consumer standards (odd shapes, mistakes on the label, etc.). This food is fresh and can be sold to individuals with a discount.

Apart from numerous applications, let’s not forget that the use of the right software is vital to reduce wastage.

Some of the solutions have already been implemented by the biggest companies out there.

One of the greatest inventions so far is software, analysing the ratio of bought products to used products, deducting wastage. It helps to adjust the process of preparing meals, minimising the need to throw products away.

Another way to change the fate of food excess is to monitor it from the very moment it has been planted. And again, software comes in handy. Planting, harvesting and fertilising are just a few steps it has under its wings. It helps farmers manage their farms more effectively, without ruining the products on early stages.

As you can see, modern technology can without a doubt help to reduce food wastage around the world. However, it is not all, since raising awareness of the problem can also help, and we may change the course of this very matter.

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