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Digital transformation – how to avoid the most common mistakes?

date: 4 April 2017
reading time: 2 min

Going through changes for any organisation is usually challenging. However, nowadays, technology doesn’t leave us much choice – digital transformation is inevitable. But how to go through it smoothly, without making mistakes?

Learning from the mistakes of others is the path you want to take. So, what are the most frequently made mistakes that you will want to avoid?

1. Lack of strategic vision

In order to transform, you need to have a detailed plan and an outlook on what you wish to achieve. Not only will it let you sink deeper into the process of change, it will also help you get to know the modern technologies.

This way you will be able to choose what is crucial for your enterprise. Additionally, this order of things is bound to verify your budget and skills and provide a type of a learning curve needed to get accustomed to the new.

2. Insufficient integration

When you do decide on a change, you should bear in mind that it doesn’t just spin around the processes and data itself, since the transformation also affects people.

Successful change is usually done slowly to let the influenced parties get used to it.

Since relying only on the implementation itself is not enough, transformations that are carried out slowly and those that are accurately managed, have a higher chance of having a positive impact on the enterprise. What is uncalled-for is sticking to the old solutions instead of the new software only because the changes weren’t introduced in stages.

3. Wrong investments

Even though it may be tempting to go for the latest, most modern technologies because they are bound to be the most beneficial and last you a long time, you should reconsider.

As we mentioned, changes should be introduced in a slow manner. Remember that most of these technologies are not made to measure and are off-the-shelf, so they may not be compatible with your enterprise and its needs. Also, not all new technologies eventually catch on and picking the wrong one may leave you with no tech support.

Before deciding on the new, evaluate your business and identify aspects that could make it run more smoothly and better to improve your customers’ experience and bring you financial gain.

Wrong investments mean losing money and no one wants that.

Digital transformation is upon us – it may be pushed back in time but eventually all of us must face it. The key to its success at your organisation is careful planning and investigation of your enterprise.

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