Future processing on smart transport

How is city life changing thanks to smart transport?

date: 3 March 2016
reading time: 2 min

As time goes by, we introduce smartness to our everyday world. Transport is next on the list since more and more smart solutions are being introduced right this moment.

Most of the options available in the area of smart transport spin around making it more efficient – not only to make us safer, but also to help us get everywhere we want, on time.

The best example of a city that started vivid development of smart transport is Rzeszow, a city located in south-eastern Poland.

Rzeszow’s authorities are building a microwave data transmission platform which is to integrate all traffic management systems, simultaneously being in constant contact with the residents.

What exactly is in stock?

Rzeszow’s system is to manage the traffic lights in order to shorten, or lengthen, the intervals so that the traffic is loosened in congested zones. This will also allow emergency vehicles to get through the streets more easily.

Thanks to this very solution it will be able to provide up to date information for travelling passengers. Any issues, blockages, and delays will be listed right away. Additionally, ticketing services will go through a makeover. All to make travelling around Rzeszow easier and safer.

Furthermore, this solution is bound to bring up to 60% savings in the long run.

But that is not all since smart transport will cater to new forms of transportation as well.

What do we mean by that?

Cycling and walking are to be included in the plans for better transportation. Not to mention car-sharing services. The Integrated Mobility Plan (IMP) is bound to gather all these solutions to make transport even better and efficient, as the time goes by.

Rzeszow is just one of many examples of smart transport solutions which are still fairly new. Let’s hope that in time more and more cities will follow its example to make our lives easier.

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