How to find peace in technology and its future – the sequel

date: 20 October 2016
reading time: 3 min

Some time ago we pondered over the future of technology and the reasons to stay excited about it. In today’s post, we present you with the second part of the series.

When in 1946, ENIAC, the first digital computer, was completed, it was pretty much the tiniest device of this type out there. It’s also worth mentioning that it weighed almost 30 tons, which is comparable to 2500 modern computers!

It is hard to imagine, since today everything is getting smaller and smarter by the minute.

Are you afraid of the future of shrinking devices that may eventually get fully invisible or intangible?

Let us clear the air for you.

Tiny computers

We can say this without a doubt – we live in an era of supercomputers. Not only are they tiny, but also they are portable (USB sticks), cheap (Raspberry Pi can be purchased from $35), and elegant (just take a look at it).

Having all these merits in mind, it may come to the point when we will be able to create amazing things, not moving away from our couches, thanks to these devices.

Little robots, intelligent toys, etc. are at our fingertips. Creative and way cheaper than buying such products at stores.

Not to mention, owning a computer will be easier, since they are much more accessible than they used to be in the past.

Self-driving cars

We’ve all heard of them, and yes, they are really innovative solutions, yet quite scary. All because, we truly need to trust the technology and soulless machines behind it.

However, the self-driving car market is developing, and engineers are trying to come up with the safest and most comfortable option for us all.

For example, future cars are bound to be electric and since these electric, autonomous cars will be driving by themselves, it will not be necessary for you to own a car, not to mention having a licence. This will highly reduce traffic but also make our environment cleaner, which is a serious problem of today’s world.

Artificial intelligence

There has been so many theories and thoughts on Artificial Intelligence (AI) that it is almost impossible to pick those that are most likely to come true. However, the future starts now and, from what we can see, it is going to be interesting.

AI has already stepped into our lives almost unnoticed – it is in our cars, on our phones, even in our offices.

We can be almost sure that it will influence our safety as well. Robots will be able to predict accidents and disasters and also react to them quicker than a human being.

AI will also have its use in the healthcare sector. It will help in curing mental ilnesses by stimulating the neural system or helping us control robotic limbs by stimulating nerves.

And who knows, maybe it will also push our evolution further.

We shouldn’t be afraid of whatever the future holds, since it is bound to be extraordinary. After all, everything that once seemed super techy becomes our everyday reality.

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