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IBM’s Watson – the smartest computer out there?

date: 16 March 2017
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Can you envision a computer that has all the functions of a modern machine but can also listen to you and always give the best, correct answers? Yes, we are talking about a computer based on IBM’s Watson computer system. The very system that can outsmart most of the current technologies.

IBM’s Watson is simply a question answering system. As its creators claim, it can understand, reason, learn and interact by incorporating machine learning techniques, natural language processing and automated reasoning.

Right now, its achievements may seem ordinary, however, when it first came into existence around 10 years ago, they were simply astonishing.

What can it offer us, humans?

Since Watson can analyse large amounts of data, it can detect anomalies invisible to the human eye. What is more, it has been built in such a way to understand questions asked in natural language and give simple, yet detailed answers.

Where may these possibilities come in handy?

Well, most sectors can benefit from it, like legal, medical, business, to name a few.

Watson can be used as a kind of a personal assistant – it can listen to conversations and pick up on the details that might otherwise be overlooked or forgotten. It can also suggest topics of conversation, run simulations, display graphs and analyse the given or heard data on the spot, in real time.

As you can see, it can be used in almost any circumstances with remarkable results.


While talking about Watson it is hard to forget about its ‘participation’ in this well-known TV show.

However, even though Watson was able to beat human contenders in 2010, a few years before that it wasn’t as powerful. Back then, it could only answer correctly to as little as 15% of the questions given. Nevertheless, in time, Watson’s patrons packed it with 4TB of data which eventually led to its victory over the best Jeopardy! contestants.

The interaction between humans and computers started a long time ago. It is unthinkable how Watson will develop in time but one thing is certain – it can already be a great companion in the world of numbers, data and Artificial Intelligence.

What do you think?

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