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Internet of Healthcare – what else can it offer us?

date: 3 November 2016
reading time: 3 min

In the era of smartness, we all expect technology to flourish and support us in each and every aspect of our daily life, healthcare being one of them. How can this sector grow? How can it get even better? Let us answer these questions.

Internet of Healthcare changes the perception of services offered by hospitals which these days have one, primary objective – to make sure patients get the best care possible.

How can Internet of Healthcare help? Below you’ll find a few recent examples of facilitations.

Connected operating rooms are a very high-tech idea. They are spaces filled with many devices, all of them serve one purpose – are supposed to keep the patient safe.

These devices provide individual feedback on patients’ state and monitor their reflexes, which means they can even predict severe problems like heart attacks. In general, thanks to them, the entire duration of the surgery is reduced which is very beneficial not only for the patients but for the doctors as well.

Wearable health bands come in handy after being discharged. It must be remembered that patients’ treatment doesn’t end at hospitals, which usually are overflowing with people.

This is the reason why most facilities plan to equip their leaving patients with special wearable bands. These devices monitor patients’ state, remind them of the medication intake and observe it, they also detect any potential falls and alarm the hospital. Additionally, patients who feel better, don’t have to stay at hospital’s premises and needlessly occupy beds.

Dosing device caters to those who have trouble remembering to take their meds – mostly elderly patients.

The device dispenses pre-prepared cups filled with medications. It also notifies patients when it’s time to take their pills, prepares new cups or if the daily dose was missed.


IoT Healthcare market is bound to develop. According to the Global IoT Healthcare Market, this growth is noteworthy – in 2014 it was valued at over $24 billion and it is to expand with a CAGR of 37.6% during 2015 – 2020.

The reason why it is developing so quickly 
is the demand for progressive healthcare information system. Additionally, the lifestyle that most of us lead causes a lot of diseases. Due to these factors, there are more and more people who need caretakers – automated hospitals would appear very helpful and would guarantee the needed help and support.

Today’s reality may seem overly connected, however, the following years will just prove the hypotheses of its inevitable progress.
Let us help you experience this to the fullest and be prepared.

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