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date: 27 February 2017
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Nearshoring, a closer-to-home type of outsourcing, has been gaining ground over the last few years. For good reasons. 

Many companies decide to nearshore software development because they lack capacity internally or need assistance with specific technologies, many do it to concentrate on core business and free up internal resources, others because of time pressures, or for financial reasons.

Yet, with all the hype about nearshoring, introducing it to your company for the first time, or switching suppliers may seem like a daunting experience, at least initially. Where do you start with nearshoring? How do you choose an outsourcing partner and find out if they are reliable? What cooperation models there are in nearshoring?

Over the last 17 years of our work as a software development outsourcing provider, we’ve explained outsourcing and nearshoring to numerous people and have helped them clarify their queries. During that time, we’ve noticed that some questions come up again and again. That is why, we decided to share our expertise more widely, and we are now proud to announce the launch of Start Nearshoring – our nearshoring knowledge base.

The knowledge base is a free, resource-rich toolkit, dedicated to those for whom IT nearshoring may be the answer. When visiting the knowledge base, readers can outline their current situation by answering a few questions provided and the website will offer them materials tailored to their needs. Alternatively, readers can browse all content freely in the Knowledge tab. Some of the topics we cover include engagement models in nearshore outsourcing, how to write an RFI, nearshore vs in-house software development, and many more.

Jarosław Czaja, the CEO of Future Processing explained the reasoning behind the knowledge base:

Our Clients have indicated that one of the things they value about Future Processing is our expertise – not only in terms of technical skills in software development, but also in a much broader context of outsourcing. We decided to make a good use of all this knowledge and created to help those IT decision makers who would like to find out whether software development nearshoring might be right for them.

The knowledge base extends beyond our internal know-how. It also draws strongly on the expertise of some of our clients who contributed their experience and tips on nearshoring through video interviews. Their perspective is extremely valuable as they have been nearshoring software projects for years.

The knowledge base was launched at the end of February 2017 and is available at It is full of exclusive materials including expert articles, infographics, videos and checklists, and new materials are going to be added continually.

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