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Mobile apps development for Altiweb AS

date: 15 April 2015
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Altiweb first came to Future Processing at the beginning of 2012 and since then our cooperation has developed very successfully.

To start with, we formed a small team responsible for the development of a simple iOS application. Over time, we got to deliver more and more projects, and finally we have become an important part of their business. Our main role is to develop mobile applications for various branches of the Norwegian IT market.

Altiweb can reach bigger companies and therefore strengthen its position on the market, which goes hand in hand with their rapid development.

Future Processing provided Altiweb with the competencies they needed.

We found Future Processing, we found that their model of running the operation was fitting us perfectly, so we ended up signing a contract and ever since we’ve had a dedicated team running. I think they feel like our employees sometimes and we feel that we’re working together with them. It’s been the same team all the way along and we’re really happy we’ve made that decision.

Tom Horvei, Chairman of Altiweb AS

We took care of the backlog of work that they’ve been struggling with. It allowed Altiweb to focus on their main business. We have also helped Altiweb make the most of their company’s budget and resources, helping them to implement their ideas.

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