IT Security

Our security experts will help you protect your critical systems and applications to stay safe in a complex digital world.

What will you get?

Our team of security-focused engineers are accredited by industry leading certifications, including: OCSP, CEH and CCNP. They are at hand to help you with:

  • Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL) Governance
  • Web Application Security Assessment
  • Penetration Testing
  • Security Training for your developers

What are the benefits?

Software that is built with the security-in-mind approach including regular testing, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.

Teach your in-house developers how to enhance the overall security level of your applications.

You will go beyond today’s compliance requirements and this will allow you to be proactive and forward-thinking in your decisions.
According the Ponemon Institute’s Cost of a Data Breach Study 2018, the global average cost of a data breach is $3.86 million.

Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL) Governance

What is SDL?

SDL is a software development process that helps your development team to build more secure software and helps you to reduce development cost through addressing security compliance requirements.

Web Application Security Assessment

What is Web Application Security Assessment?

We will examine your websites, web applications and web servers to find security vulnerabilities that could give hackers an opportunity to steal data processed in your system.

Penetration Testing

What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing, also known as pen testing, or pen-test, is a security analysis of your existing app or system performed by skilled security professionals simulating the actions of an unauthorised user or hacker.

Security Training for your developers

Who is our security training for?

Future Processing’s security training is aimed at development teams that wish to increase their knowledge of protecting web applications against cyber threats.

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What will you get from us?

  • security and design requirements for your project,
  • coding guidelines for developers,
  • implementation of security static analysis tools,
  • threat modelling and risk analysis for new requirements in your project,
  • security fundamentals training for development teams,
  • ongoing verification and consulting throughout the development process.

Why do SDL governance?

  • get a more secure application by building security into every step of its development process,
  • minimise the need for costly changes in later stages of the project,
  • address security compliance requirements of your new piece of software.

Our SDL governance service follows industry standards:

  • Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle
  • OWASP Software Assurance Maturity Model
  • OWASP Application Security Verification Standard

What will you get from us?

A report containing:

  • test results showing found issues, with clear reproduction steps,
  • analysis of technical and business impact of uncovered vulnerabilities,
  • actionable recommendations for fixes and issue mitigation.

Why do Web Application Security Assessments?

  • make sure your web application is safe not only from external attacks, but also from access and misuse of personal data by legitimate users,
  • minimise the risk of data breaches and protect your company’s reputation and finances,
  • ensure your app processes data in a secure manner and get ready for an audit of compliance with GDPR, PCI-DSS, HIPAA or SOX.

What will you get from us?

  • a report containing:
    • test results, including all discovered vulnerabilities, technical details, business impact and evidence (log of pentester’s activities)
    • intelligence covering publicly available information relating to your company
    • recommendations for issue mitigation and possible improvements in operational procedures
  • re-testing of implemented fixes and a report from these activities.

Why do Pen Testing?

  • uncover any vulnerabilities resulting from specification flaws, coding errors, system configuration problems or other operational deployment issues.

Social Engineering as part of Pen Testing

  • assess the possibility of breaching your network through people who are often the weakest link.

Regular Pen Test for compliance

  • make pen testing activities recurring events as part of your security activities schedule, for example as part of ISO 27001 compliance requirements.

What can you test with pen-testing?

  • external and internal services,
  • web and mobile applications,
  • vulnerability assessment,
  • configuration verification and hardening,
  • network equipment for wireless and wired networks,
  • database security controls,
  • firewall and ACL,
  • user privileges escalation.

What will your development team learn?

  • basic concepts and mechanisms related to web application security,
  • popular cyberattack techniques, good practices and protection measures against them,
  • how to translate security requirements into application design elements.

Why do Security Training for developers?

  • upskill your team through a theory + practice training with workshops containing a number of hands-on cyber-attack exercises,
  • teach your team how to enhance the overall security level of your applications,
  • get the training team to come to your premises and customise the syllabus to meet your development team’s IT security training needs.
We are very happy with the penetration testing service we received from Future Processing. (…) The testing team have shown professionalism, a good understanding of the system and went beyond the sole technical vulnerability assessment, connecting the technical issues found with business risks. The report prepared by Future Processing was very thorough, showing not only the vulnerabilities, but also indicating the areas for possible improvement and suggesting implementation of security best practices in the system.


Technical Director, Screenmedia Design Ltd


Our focus is to deliver

.NET projects helping Screenmedia develop new services and software while boosting their agility.

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Partnering with Future Processing will help us to remain competitive, as their exceptionally broad knowledge base as a team enables continuous development of new services and software. By outsourcing this work to Poland on behalf of our client partners, we’ll be able to boost our agility as a business whilst continuing to provide the best value.

Gary Bissland

Technical Director


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