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Software Modernisation

Assisted software modernisation is a service that will ease the challenge of working with legacy systems that stop your business from growing.

With minimum disruption to your business we can help you replace legacy systems to allow you to innovate and work better than ever before.
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Who we are

As a company, we specialise in full cycle bespoke software development, database analysis and mobile application development, among other services.

We boast strong legacy modernisation skills and have helped numerous clients replace or re-engineer their inefficient systems.

Our systems modernisation service has been designed to support you in addressing legacy challenges as well as delivering a quality long-lasting solution in a way that provides confidence of delivery.

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Legacy impact

Recent surveys of CIOs indicate that some 50% of all IT assets in both public and private sectors are ageing legacies in need of modernisation.

Digital disruption, meantime, has energised new competition in many industries and seems to be an unstoppable force that will seriously impact business strategies.

50% of all IT assets need modernisation
New technologies emerging

Increasing customer expectations and emerging new technologies continue to expose ageing legacy systems, which are often increasingly unstable, highly customised and unable to respond adequately or at a reasonable cost.

Boards largely remain passive – legacy systems work well until they don’t and even though legacies are often core systems that companies depend upon, executives see modernisation as complex, with benefits difficult to quantify in monetary terms.
Boards remain passive 
IT focused on keeping the existing systems
In response, many IT departments are focussed only on keeping the existing systems operating whilst reducing costs where they can.

Modernisation challenges

you might be struggling with

How to build a compelling business case and convince the board that modernisation investment is required now?

How to control the cost of the work, but get the desired outcomes?

How to retain management focus without which attention may move on to other topics and developments?

How to ensure sufficient resources are available throughout the process?

How to minimise the business disruption, so as to continue to support the new business needs alongside legacy modernisation?

How will Future Processing help you?

Future Processing has successfully modernised a number of such legacies and, based on our experiences, we have put together a set of services to help you remove legacy barriers from your IT_

The core service is a reliable nearshore delivery capability that has successfully completed a number of long term development projects.

Brought to you by a company that has been named the ‘Outsourcing Service Provider of the Year 2016’ by the Global Sourcing Association (GSA), which we are extremely proud of.

How do we help you make it happen?

Project phases

Project phases

We are organised to deliver a project from initiation to implementation, and support it on-going if required, with experienced developers, testers, project managers and analysts.

Approach to delivery
'The Future Way'

Approach to deliver – ‘The Future Way’

We employ our proven approach to delivery ‘The Future Way’ which:

  • Uses key features from Agile development, such as regular delivery and iterations to demonstrate and validate progress
  • Is supplemented by project management disciplines to preserve focus and manage risks
  • Makes extensive use of tools throughout development, testing and release
  • Instils effective transparent communication
  • Delivers integrated quality through specialised testers and optimised use of automated testing tools
  • Is adaptable and not prescriptive regarding tools, adoption of technology types and commercial models

Approach to specifications

Approach to specifications

Full specification of your system is not essential. If you do not have detailed documentation of your legacy system, our Analysis and Design team can help. They can run workshops with your team to gain a thorough understanding from your employees of how your system, as well as your business work.  Our developers are experienced in quickly understanding the business function within a legacy system that may not have been properly documented. This, coupled with a rigorous test-driven development approach, reduces the need for you to provide details about your old system.

We will bring you assistance with…

Creating a compelling argument for change including mock ups and visualisations to bring to life for the business what is the art of the possible

Gaining senior business management support at the start, and throughout the transformation

Striking the balance between getting the exercise completed as efficiently as possible whilst incorporating new business features during development

Shaping the overall transformation programme and use our experience to advise you on how to minimise business disruption

Have a look at some of our case studies


The client’s key challenge was the risk associated with operating core business systems built on obsolete technology. The rapidly diminishing number of experienced developers available, and general risk of obsolescence, made replacement a key action.

The decision was made to port the solutions to a modern (.net) framework. We delivered the programme such that a significant business peak was avoided and proved the solution and approaches on the smallest system first. We were not provided with specifications (except for limited new functions), but through systems overviews, and code analysis, were able to generate the new solutions.


Our client creates delivers world-class innovative, intelligent transportation and parking solutions in over 4,000 cities and towns, in 55 countries worldwide. The client was selected by the prime contractor to provide a comprehensive set of devices for a new prestigious city-wide scheme. The decision was taken to create new components to provide centralised management of the devices and take advantage of new technology to future proof the solution.

Future Processing had already been delivering software to other business units within this organisation since 2008 and was introduced to the project following performance issues with a local supplier.

Through Future Processing support, the client was able to deliver on schedule. Future Processing continues to provide significant support for the client in both its established and pioneering areas of its business due to its technical excellence and reliability.


Our client’s core business is the provision of an employee benefit and pensions management platform. The introduction of pensions auto-enrolment changed the use of the platform for a much greater number of employers. In addition, the older technology was starting to create some application performance challenges.

Future Processing was chosen not only to undertake total redevelopment, but also to undertake key roles to supplement the client’s team, including UI design and that of a business analyst role.

There was no loss in overall programme momentum. The rollout of the new software has been performed iteratively starting with migrating a small number of clients onto the new platform, refining the process to avoid issues associated with subsequent migrations.

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