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Access to a team of developers who built modules for an Enterprise Loans Platform and provided support and maintenance service.

About the client

Established in 2008, 4finance is one of Europe’s largest digital consumer lending groups with operations in 15 countries.

Leveraging automation and data-driven insights across the business, 4finance has grown rapidly, issuing over €8 billion since inception in installment loans, lines of credit, and single payment loans.

4finance operates a portfolio of market-leading brands offering simple, useful and transparent products to millions of customers. They provide convenient products in a responsible way to the many consumers who are often underserved by conventional providers.

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Business Challenge

Improvements to make

Due to rapid growth and ambitious business goals, 4Finance found themselves in a situation where they quickly needed to extend the capacity of their IT team.

Recruiting, on-boarding and training adequate IT specialists was a time-consuming and costly process and 4Finance needed a much faster solution to support their services with minimum disruption.


number of countries 4Finance has group offices in

€8 billion

issued since inception in instalment loans, lines of credit and single payment loans


Enterprise Loans Platform

We worked on a project where we developed two modules for their Enterprise Loans Platform – an accounts building module for registering loans and a campaign management module for loan marketing. The aim of the modules was to improve the ease of use and maintenance of the Enterprise Loans Platform.

Front-end development

Back-end development

Quality Assurance

Support & Maintenance

Our role

Trust and more responsibility

This familiarity with Future Processing meant that 4Finance was confident to choose us again and, in December 2016, we started to provide 4Finance with a support and maintenance service.

We delivered an experienced development team consisting of back- and front-end developers and a quality assurance expert.

Initially, our role was to provide support and maintenance for all 4Finance products operating in Poland. We were responsible for ensuring operational continuity – solving problems, going through change requests and for the deployment of new versions to the production environment.

With time, the organisational structure of 4Finance changed and the area we support was extended beyond Poland to include Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Romania.

Future Processing‘s team has helped to maintain the continuity of the client’s services through minimised impact of individual incidents thanks to fast response and resolution times. Since the beginning of our support and maintenance service, 4Finance has seen high availability of its services.

We provided value

Main benefits of our partnership

  • Future Processing has provided specialists who worked together well, possessed the technical knowledge required, knew the technical stack used at our client’s company were able to collaborate successfully with the client’s team.
  • 4Finance quickly had an adequate team in place that was able to start working for them almost from the word ‘go’.
  • Having an outsourced team means that 4Finance have extended their capabilities as a company. They also do not need to worry about resourcing (e.g. people leaving or being off), as this is dealt with by Future Processing.
  • Only a small effort from our client was needed to have the support and maintenance/development team up and running.

Used in the project

We use Java to solve all kinds of problems, help reduce costs, drive innovation, and improve application services.


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