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Partnership providing the skills and competencies necessary to support KMD on numerous projects in 4 different sectors, which resulted in increased performance and satisfaction of end users.

We first started working with KMD in 2012 when they were looking for an outsourcing partner to handle their overhead of work.

On a daily basis, we add new functionalities, in order to improve user experience. Our work for KMD comprises knowledge from different domains, therefore we needed to use our depth and breadth of experience and quickly understand our Client’s needs.

Considering the scale of the cooperation, we were given the opportunity to work on many projects, for different branches:

  • Public sector
  • Education sector
  • Employment sector
  • Medical Care sector

When KMD needed to increase the size of their in-house teams, we have provided the necessary skills and competencies.

Our engineers regularly discuss new requirement and propose improvements where appropriate. This flexible approach is delivering rapid, high-quality results.

Outsourcing also allowed KMD to make substantial cost savings. We can also safely say that thanks to our work KMD has increased the performance of their products and thus the satisfaction of end users.

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