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Supporting KMD on numerous projects in four different sectors, which increased the performance and satisfaction of end-users.

About the client

KMD develops IT solutions designed to meet every aspect of the changing digital needs of modern societies and organisations.

KMD is widely recognised as an international frontrunner when it comes to digitising complex societal and organisational challenges.

Their central role in the continuous digitisation of Denmark has contributed to the UN recognizing Denmark as having the leading digital public sector in the world in 2018 and 2020.

Designing ambitious IT solutions that directly improve and optimise the lives of people around the globe is their guiding star; solutions that help develop the digital foundations of well-run societies and organisations.

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Business Challenge

What the client needed

We first started working with KMD in 2012.

KMD was looking for an outsourcing partner to handle their overhead of work and needed to increase the size of their in-house teams, we have provided the necessary skills and competencies.


years of KMD in the business and more than 20 years of continued growth

over 300

solutions and services based on KMD's own software

Solution we delivered

Scope of work

Considering the scale of the engagement, we were given the opportunity to work on many projects, for different branches.

Public sector

E-boks is an online and secure digital mailbox allowing citizens in Denmark, Norway and Sweden to correspond in an official manner. As of November 2014, citizens in the Scandinavian countries are encouraged to use this platform as their only channel of communication with public and private institutions and authorities. E-boks has more than 12 million users in the Scandinavian countries.

Future Processing was part of the team responsible for rewriting and redesigning the entire platform because the solution became expensive to maintain and develop.

Education sector

Re-engineering a legacy system responsible for managing registration of children to day cares, calculation of payments for citizens, etc. The main feature of the new system is its high modularity.

Educa Personale – a resource management system for elementary schools in Denmark aimed at helping in administration of educational instructions such as class management, school employees, tasks and teachers, salaries. Together we agreed not to rewrite all the features but take what’s best from it. The most notable benefit for KMD is the fact that after the release the application received very positive reviews from the end-users.

Medical Care Sector

A solution aimed at home care and home nursing system. The scope of this project is to add new functionalities to an existing solution, with a completely new, refreshed user interface. The solution has not only increased the level of healthcare provided, but also allowed incredible savings for the government.

The software is available on iOS and Android platform. One of the challenges they successfully completed was streamlining video, so that the patients can have online conferences with the doctors at real time.

Employment Sector

Job Center is a project for employment offices in Denmark. It handles the business process of registering, evaluating and controlling unemployed citizens of all municipalities in the country.

We have provided a competent team of engineers, thanks to whom KMD was able to successfully fulfil their commitments.

On a daily basis, we add new functionalities, in order to improve user experience. Our work for KMD requires knowledge from different domains, therefore we needed to use our depth and breadth of experience and quickly understand our client’s needs. We follow agile methodologies in each project, promoting adaptive planning, evolutionary development, continuous improvement and rapid and flexible response to changes.

We add value

Main benefits of our partnership

Our engineers regularly discuss new requirements and propose improvements, where appropriate. This flexible approach is delivering rapid, high-quality results.

Outsourcing also allowed KMD to make substantial cost savings and increased the performance of their products and thus the satisfaction of end-users.


Used in the project

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