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Time Care

We entered into partnership with Time Care when the company was one of Allocate Software’s branches. We came recommended as a reliable, outsourcing development partner.

We were responsible for refreshing Time Care’s product according to specific needs. Its aim was to help improve and streamline the process of identifying and deploying staff to fill available shifts.

The new responsive web user interface now successfully runs on modern technologies. It has streamlined the process of filling duties with the appropriately skilled staff, not only simplifying a complex process, but also ensuring no laws are transgressed. Moreover, the application has already started generating new businesses for Time Care.

The transition from desktop to web application delivered a number of benefits, such as cost-effectiveness, access from anywhere, easier maintenance and enabled SaaS.

We are extremely pleased with the cooperation. The team was able to quickly get used to the new application, boosting productivity. If problems appeared, they were being signalled right away, with suggested possible solutions. Our relationship with Future Processing can be without a doubt called a partnership since we felt like a part of their team. We wouldn’t change a thing if we were to enter the cooperation again.

Rickard Lindstrom, Development Manager

To show Time Care that we were as dedicated to the project as they were, we came up with various facilitations and improvements, including a better, more efficient calendar which their end-clients really liked. We took care of the front-end, so that the application is not only functional but also visually appealing.

Our cooperation with Time Care

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Time Care AB was founded in 1993 and is a leading provider of workforce management solutions, with a strong focus on the healthcare market. Since 2009, Time Care has been a part of Allocate Software. 

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