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Facts & Numbers

Dedicated Team

Since 2000 we have delivered more than 600 projects. Thanks to our vast experience and well-established technology stack, we are ready to help you transform your business.

No matter what industry you operate in.


of our team members with over 5 years of experience


attrition rate, compared to 14% industry average

$61 billion

in 2023 is the growth of global interest in development services predicted by IDC


the predicted growth in employment of software developers from 2018 to 2028

6-10 people

in average project team


of managers in software development have problems with hiring talent

around 24%

of managers said their biggest challenge in software development are capacity issues

NPS 60

our Net Promoter Score – an excellent result for the IT sector


What will you get?

  • An agile, creative team adjusted to your requirements in terms of size, competences, used methodology as well as collaboration and pricing models. All to meet your challenges and deliver the highest quality product
  • Ability to focus on your business by transferring on responsibility for project management, quality assurance and value delivery on us
  • Quick, tangible, high-quality results without the worry of recruitment, training and development of outsourced team members
  • An IT outsourcing technology partner ready to start a long-term partnership and tackle all your custom software development needs
  • Secure delivery as we’re ISO 27001 certified, have excellent security measures in place and can provide you with additional services in this field e.g. accredited pentests

Achieve business goals with the right experts

Let’s start the journey together.

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Dedicated team
Remote team

Flexible and efficient  

Today we live in a fast moving and dynamic business environment. It is why we are ready to provide you with a highly flexible, remote team of talented IT professionals working exclusively for you.

Get the best of remote teams regardless of location and enjoy high-quality, cost-efficient solutions delivered on time with no need of internal recruitment.

Delivery Success Indicators

To provide you with the best quality product

Evaluation of your project should be based on facts, not just gut feelings or instincts. It is why we’ve got clearly defined and measurable DSIs, which help us to quickly react to various challenges that occur during the development phase.


What is more, we follow our internal ‘Best practices of software development‘ which include e.g.:


  • Coding standards

  • Test strategy

  • Continuous integration

  • Version control system

  • Infrastructure provisioning automation


Seniority of our team

Levels of our engineers (years of experience)

35% Senior (+5 years)
45% Medium (2-5 years)
20% Junior (<2 years)
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Technologies & Competenices

The most popular technologies and competencies among our clients


With this well-established Microsoft technology stack, we are able to deliver all kinds of projects and is the foundation of our company. We have worked with a variety of businesses to deliver .NET projects in sectors ranging from the insurance to transportation.


We use Java to solve all kinds of problems, from implementing a new cryptocurrency trading platform and managing utilities usage, to controlling financial flow and risk calculations.

Most popular competencies
  • DevOps
  • Cloud
  • Big Data
  • Business Intelligence
  • Security
  • IoT
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Back-end
  • Front-end
  • Mobile

We can deliver systems that provide intuitive, fast and responsive UI and integrate well. We even put it on a parking meter, proving that anything can be done with the right tools and the right people.


It helped us deliver projects ranging from systems for car sharing, intuitive interface for trading cryptocurrencies to the systems for the public sector in Denmark.

Case Study

Our focus is to deliver

Quick access to a team of developers who built two modules for an Enterprise Loans Platform.

We delivered an experienced development team consisting of back- and frontend developers and a quality assurance expert. The team has helped to maintain the continuity of the 4finance services through minimised impact of individual incidents thanks to fast response and resolution times. Since the beginning of our support and maintenance service, 4Finance have seen high availability of its services.

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Achieve business goals with the right experts.
Let’s start the journey together.

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