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Software Audits

A software audit allows you to rigorously check how your systems perform by an objective measurement against a set of established criteria.

Make use of our software audit expertise and start protecting the future of your businesses’ most valuable assets today!

The constant development of new technologies is without a doubt a part of our everyday reality. However, this comes with a price as you need to keep an eye on what is happening on the market and make sure that you have up-to-date software that is robust and reliable.

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Regular software audits should be carried out in all organisations but some may not perform them due to a lack of appropriate knowledge, resources, time or different priorities.

We are here to take care of software audits for you!

We have built a strong team of security-focused engineers who are willing to answer your every question and provide you with complete solutions, tailored specifically to your needs.

Let us help you minimise your business risk by conducting a software audit to check your data, software and systems against possible breaches.

Adopting new technologies, we are focused on high-quality audits and do not rely solely on automated tools.

We can provide you with a software audit encompassing a thorough analysis of:

  • Source code
  • Software development processes
  • Testing processes
  • Profiling memory & processor usage
  • Business processes
  • Software quality
  • Systems vulnerability
  • Mobile applications
  • Internal security processes

After performing the audit, we will provide you with a final report and recommendations for changes to implement and an ongoing support.

Make use of our extensive expertise and contact us today!

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