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Creating one Data Warehouse implementation with the possibility to apply flexible customisation tailored to the client’s needs.

About the client

The PACT COMMUNICATION GROUP is one of the leading communication agencies in Germany for sales performance and competence.

PACT acts as a quality leader in sales management, business analytics & training solutions with the highest analytical, systemic and innovative competence.

PACT’s four divisions operate in a fully integrated and collaborative service portfolio. PACT combines strategic advice with specialist implementation expertise to develop solutions in communication and sales. The company focuses on generating and activating leads and maximizing cross-channel conversion – from the first contact to successful completion at the PoS.

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Business Challenge

What the client needed

Our partnership reaches back to 2016 and resulted from PACT’s need for upgrading an already existing software solution – data warehouses developed for their clients. Even though successfully implemented, there were challenges in terms of maintenance and development with different versions adjusted to the specific needs of each client.


employees under the umbrella of PACT COMMUNICATION GROUP


different PACT COMMUNICATION GROUP's subsidiaries

Data Warehouse

Software development partner

The aim of the partnership was to create, from a scratch, one Data Warehouse implementation with the possibility to apply flexible customisation tailored to the client’s particular needs.

PACT was looking for a trustworthy, experienced partner to help them in the following areas.

Add value and expertise in the field of Data Solutions

Optimise their existing processes

Facilitate the development of the software

Future Processing has provided us with an optimal database for our BI system. Even logical changes within the DWH are implemented quickly. A reprioritisation of tasks is possible at any time, even in running sprints.

With the help of Future Processing, we were able to improve our sales performance. The new automated data world improved the visibility of our sales activities and allowed us to better manage our sales teams. Reports run automatically, so we can support our customers more effectively and faster. We have become more responsive to new customer requirements.


Pascal Zielke
Group Director IT & Analytics, PACT COMMUNICATION GROUP
Beyond software development

Answering client's needs

PACT’s initial solution contained complex data that had to be extracted from Microsoft SQL Server, Excel and SalesForce, transformed accordingly to the clients’ needs and, finally, shared to other applications like QlikSense reporting for data insights. The collaboration of PACT’s team with our experts resulted in successful data migration.

We provided a flexible team that was scaled up and down accordingly to the client’s current business requirements. Over the course of the project our team consisted of Business Intelligence architects, developers and a quality assurance engineer as, from the very beginning, the team was constructed in a way that enabled the delivery of the highest quality final product.

Our main responsibility was to create the whole ETL process (extract, transfer, load).

Solution we delivered

Scope of work

Our services were related to:

Business analysis of the data input sources

Planning the data flow (ETL) process

Designing data warehouse architecture

Data warehouse development

Migrating production to the new warehouse

Support of integration with Qlik Sense

The whole team works very professionally and all are communicative, flexible and very friendly. Our new DWH was ready for use within a few months. The loading times have been significantly improved. All systems have been logically linked in the DWH. New systems were also installed after the implementation of the DWH. Even hard processed data could be integrated into the DWH.

Pascal Zielke
Group Director IT & Analytics, PACT COMMUNICATION GROUP
We add value

Main benefits of our partnership

We served as a software development partner and technical expert who reacted quickly and flexibly to the client’s requirements. Our help in the design and development stages of the products, as well as collaboration with PACT’s internal team, resulted in one customisable product instead of several, hardly maintainable, versions.

The positive result of the whole process of data migration was possible not only thanks to Future Processing’s expertise but also due to the trust which was a significant pillar of this engagement from its very beginning.


Used in the project

Is it the end?

Looking to the future

Even though the development phase is still on, the software solution resulted from the partnership has already been successfully deployed by PACT for a significant client from the tech industry.

Draw knowledge from data

Base new services and business decisions on knowledge and improve your day-to-day operations.

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