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Software Development Services

Node.js Technology

We can provide you with skilled Node.js developers, who have done a significant amount of projects and constantly develop their skills according to the latest standards.

Photo: Our team members at work
Facts & Numbers

Node.js Technology

Since 2000 we have completed more than 500 projects. It’s a lot but our focus is on quality, not quantity.


Work with us to turn your idea into a great software solution and let yourself feel like the one and only, not just another number on our success list.


team members with over 5 years of experience

13 clients

with us for over 5 years

$61 billion

in 2023 is the growth of global interest in development services predicted by IDC


revenue from clients who are with us 3+ years


our Net Promoter Score – an excellent result for the IT sector


delivered projects in 20 years of operation

$319 billion

cost of fixing poor quality software according to US organisations


is the predicted growth of employment of software developers from 2018 to 2028 technology
Our experience

We use Node.js to easily build fast and scalable network applications, written in JavaScript.

The applications are designed to maximise throughput and efficiency and can be run within Node.js runtime on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux, with no changes.

Our experience ranges from back-office software used to manage transport ticketing operations, to real-time, modular system that provides relevant tools to monitor and manage ticketing operations.

Key functionalities include mainly customer card, stock, fares and device configuration management.

Technologies & Tools

What we use to deliver Node.js solutions?


  • Node.js
  • Express web application framework
  • Mocha test framework
  • npm package manager
  • EJS


  • Nginx
  • Grunt
  • Chef
  • Vagrant
  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud technology

Why us?

  • We can take care of the requirements engineering process from a feasibility study, through requirements analysis, specification and validation, to development
  • You can engage our highly specialised, IT software development team or augment yours with engineers in specific technologies
  • We create software tailored to your business, industry and customers’ needs thanks to our Business Analysts and User Experience engineers
  • We provide future proof solutions of the highest level just on time and in the budget
  • We protect your data as we’re ISO 27001 certified and have excellent security measures in place
  • We are ready to start a long-term partnership and tackle all your custom software development needs

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